Love On The Fast Track Chapter 48

Love On The Fast Track Chapter 48

Chapter 48 Rumors 

The note lacked a name, and the handwriting was messy, likely written by a worker at the flower shop

Norah was baffled. Who would give her such a large bouquet of roses? She mulled over recent encounters and concluded nobody would be inclined to send her roses

With that thought, Norah disposed of the roses in the bin, planning to remove them during her lunch break, then swiftly put the matter out of her mind

Yet, an unexpected continuation unfolded

Norah and Jolie were having lunch in the hospital cafeteria when a male doctor joined them

Hi there.” 

Jolie glanced up at him

The man sat beside Jolie, asking, May I join you?” 

Jolie seemed puzzled, saying, With so many open seats here, why choose to sit with us?” 

Indeed, the cafeteria was halfempty, offering plenty of seating options

Norah subtly shifted away, pretending not to know Jolie

The man’s face stiffened as he observed Norah’s movement

Jolie declined the man’s company since she knew Norah’s discomfort around new faces. Now, with Norah moving away, she conversed with the doctor

The man introduced himself as Aikin Rivera, a doctor of the Neurosurgery Department, expressing a desire to speak with Norah. Noticing her lack of interest, he turned his attention

to Jolie

Upon hearing this, Jolie couldn’t conceal her embarrassment. Hastily grabbing some food, she bid Norah farewell and departed with her plate

Meanwhile, Norah ate slowly as Aikin seated himself opposite her

Looking up, Norah met his gaze but remained silent

Chapter 48 Rumors 

Hi, I’m Aikin Rivera from the Neurosurgery Department. I was hoping to get to know you, Dr. Wilson. I’m the one who sent you thosee roses. Did you like them?Aikin asked, visibly anxious, his plate untouched. I’ve collaborated with Gil and spotted you. Your medical expertise is impressive, and I’d like to be friends with you.” 

Realizing Aikin was the sender, Norah gave him a closer look. He looked quit decent and talked in a gentle voice

Are you aware of what it means to send roses?Norah responded firmly, We can share professional insights, but let’s keep it at that.” 

Aikin’s disappointment was evident. Can’t we at least be friends?” 

I’m sorry, but I’m not much for socializing.Norah preferred to keep her personal space private. She wasn’t sure why he was interested in her, yet she declined his offer without 


Aikin, feeling awkward, apologized, I’m sorry for bothering you, Dr. Wilson.” 

Then, he quickly left with his meal

The encounter left Norah feeling unsettled, and she lost her appetite. She nibbled on her food 

and then exited the cafeteria

After a firm rejection, Norah thought this issue should be put to rest. Besides, if people with normal mindsets faced such a rejection, they wouldn’t persist any longer

Today, Norah needed to help Gil with surgery and went to his office to review the patient’s 


Upon entering, she found Gil sipping coffee and reviewing documents. He gestured to the files on his desk. The details you need are right there. Take a look

Alright.Norah picked up the file and settled on the sofa to study it

Norah?Gil suddenly asked, Are you fond of Aikin?” 

Not at all.” 

Gil seemed perplexed and said, Then why’s he talking around claiming you’re his girlfriend? It’s quite strange.” 

Knowing Norah had recently divorced, Gil found it hard to believe she could embark on a new relationship so quickly

Chapter 48 Rumors 

Norah’s curiosity piqued, Did you hear it from him?” 

Yeah. A doctor approached me this morning and shared the news. Later on, I overheard him telling others that you are his girlfriend. Worried there might be a misunderstanding, I had to 

ask you.” 

With a hint of frustration, Gil added, He seemed like a straightforward guy. I wouldn’t have guessed he’d fabricate something like this. Norah, don’t worry. I’ll make sure this is set right.” 

Just today, I rejected him. You wouldn’t believe it, but he had roses sent to me, which made me scolded by Dr. Herrera. After I turned him away at lunch, he started spreading rumors. I’m going to handle it.Norah snorted, I am not afraid of trouble.” 

Running his hand through his beard, Gil said, Knowing how much I respect you, he still chose to spread rumors. I’ll have a word with him once all this is settled.” 

To them, Aikin seemed foolish

Gossip flew quickly within the hospital walls. After the surgery, Norah noticed the expressions on Jolie’s and Baylor’s faces

After a moment of scrutiny, Jolie finally asked, Norah, are you really Aikin’s girlfriend? At lunch, youyou barely knew him.” 

It looked like 

Baylor uttered, He’s not a good guy. Watch out.” 

Norah smiled and said, Thank you for your concern, but Aikin and I are not involved. He sent those roses this morning, which I discarded. He approached me at noon, and I rejected. him. His ego must be hurt.” 

Jolie reacted with outrage, saying. That’s disgusting. He started rumors about you just because you rejected him? Now he’s telling everyone you’re his girlfriend.” 

Baylor remained silent, hearing the exchange between them

While tidying her desk, Norah stated indifferently, I am no pushover. Just watch. He’ll be apologizing and setting things straight tomorrow.” 

Seeing Norah’s assured demeanor, Jolie concluded that further discussion was unnecessary, given their professional relationship. Don’t worry, Norah. We believe in you. Let’s see him come forward with an apology. It’ll serve him right!” 

Ahem.Standing behind Jolie, Jamison gently reminded her of his presence

Jolie, startled and anxious, quickly turned to smile fawningly at Jamison. Dr. Herrera, I was 

Chapter 48 Rumors 

merely asking something from Dr. Wilson” 

Alright, back to work.Jamison dismissed, then turned to Norah and said, Please, come to my office.” 

Jolie sent Norah a sympathetic look, silently wishing her well

Love On The Fast Track by Critter

Love On The Fast Track by Critter

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When they were kids, Derek saved Norah's life. Years later, after Derek ended up in a vegetative state from a car crash, Norah married him without a second thought and even used her medical knowledge to heal him. For two years, Norah was devoted, seeking his affection and looking to settle her life-saving debt. But when Derek's first love returned, Norah, faced with divorce, didn't hesitate to sign. Despite being labeled as forsaken, few knew of her true talents. She was a race car driver, a famed designer, a genius hacker, and a renowned doctor. Regretting his decision, Derek begged for her forgiveness. Just then, a charming CEO intervened, embracing Norah and declaring, "Back off! She's my wife!"

Love On The Fast Track by Critter

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In the softly lit room, a man and a woman on the spacious bed engaged in affectionate moments. Above the bed, a painting of a bride adorned the pristine wall, her expression one of gentle joy. "Imagine if Norah caught us here, in her bed. Do you think she'd be furious enough to cry?" the woman said in a flirtatious tone. "Not her bed. After all these years, I've never even shared a touch with her. She's always sleeping in the guest room next door," the man snorted before replying. "Derek, you're so good to me..." The soft murmurs of the two mingled with their heavy breathing.

Love On The Fast Track by Critter


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