Love On The Fast Track Chapter 49

Love On The Fast Track Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Stop Pretending 

Inside Jamison’s office, Norah stood confidently, hands tucked into her pockets, exuding at sense of ease. What can I do for you?” 

Seated comfortably, Jamison took a leisurely sip of his coffee before speaking. Dr. Wilson, it’s come to my attention that there are rumors about you spreading through the hospital. As I stressed earlier, this place is not the setting for romantic entanglements.” 

Those rumors aren’t true.” 

Jamison paused, eyes lowered. Rumors or not, I trust you’ll keep your personal life separate from your professional responsibilities, Dr. Wilson.” 

Norah’s demeanor chilled slightly. I got it. Thank you for the reminder. Anything else on 

your mind?” 

Jamison shook his head and said, We’ve covered the main issue. Now, regarding Dr. Rivera and any romantic endeavors, proceed with caution. Sweet nothings can easily sway young hearts. As head of the cardiac surgery department, I’d hate to see your work suffer over personal distractions.” 

Norah acknowledged the advice with gratitude. Understood.” 

I’ve looked over your recent case studies. Impressive work, showing deep insight. Continue 

this excellent performance.” 

Thank you.” 

That’s all for now. Make sure to rest well after today’s procedure.Jamison waved his hand. casually, gesturing for Norah to depart 

Stepping out, Norah reflected on Jamison’s complex nature. He was sharp yet supportive. His concern was genuine, even if his words could sting

Derek, how did the talk with your grandmother go?” 

Madeline’s voice was sweet as she lay against Derek’s chest

Madeline wore a delicate white lace, her natural beauty accentuated by the absence of 

Chapter 49 Stop Pretending 

makeup. Her finger playfully traced his skin, sparking a subtle shiver

As she broached the topic of family dynamics, Derek’s expression grew serious. Calmly, he shared, Grandma insists 1 finalize things with Norah to ease the latter’s way forward. If I don’t, she’s prepared to intervene.” 

Madeline’s smile faded into concern. Why does your grandma always side with her? It feels like Norah holds a higher place in her heart than you. Maybe your grandma’s bewitched. I should ask for Norah’s secret. Perhaps I’ll gain some favor.” 

The Carter family’s coolness toward Madeline was no secret. Derek’s last attempt to bring Madeline home resulted in a strong outburst from Juliana, prompting him to avoid doing so to protect her health.. 

Derek’s irritation was palpable. What has Norah done, you ask? Isn’t it obvious? She was there for me during my darkest times.” 

This reminder silenced Madeline. Considering she was responsible for Derek’s condition, turning him into a vegetable, though Derek hadn’t accused her yet, there lingered the chance he might mention it someday

Madeline’s voice was soft, saying, The decision is yours, Derek. I’ve heard that Norah’s now at Silver Boulder Private Hospital. Rumor has it she’s doing well there, even has a boyfriend, and her career is thriving.” 

Preoccupied with his work, Derek hadn’t kept up with Norah’s recent activities. He asked, puzzled, Silver Boulder Private Hospital? That’s one of the top facilities in Glophia. What’s Norah’s role there? Is she a cleaner?” 

Madeline laughed lightly and said, Norah is part of the Cardiac Surgery Department. However, it seems she’s not too popular with the patients. Hardly anyone schedules appointments with her. Perhaps her romantic life keeps her too occupied.” 

Derek’s response was frosty. Norah’s competence in medicine? I knew her abilities in the kitchen and on the racing track, but medicine? It sounds like someone’s handed her an easy job there to pass the time.” 

He grew more disdainful, saying, She concealed her true self from us. I didn’t notice a thing.” 

Madeline proposed, Why not proceed with the divorce process, Derek? It might smooth things over with your grandma. But make sure Norah leaves with nothing from the promise you made. I doubt Norah cares about those things you had offered, and even if you give her those, she might still feel upset you didn’t give enough.” 

Chapter 49 Stop Pretending 

After a moment of thought, Derek consented, Alright.He resolved to grant Norah’s wish for a divorce without delay

Norah stood waiting at the hospital’s entrance for Aikin, prepared to engage him in a friendlychat

People walking past couldn’t resist stealing glances of admiration at Norah standing by the roadside. Even without makeup, she could catch people’s eye just by being there

In the back seat, Sean spotted Norah. Dressed in a simple outfit, her gaze downcast and her face expressionless, she waited with crossed arms, a picture of restlessness

Sean contemplated approaching as a tall, lean figure exited the hospital. Norah walked up to him, initiating a conversation

Seeing Sean’s somber reflection, Phillip asked, Mr. Scott, Miss Wilson is right there. Should 

we head over?” 

Let’s follow them,Sean instructed, his demeanor chilly as he tightened his grip slightly

Aikin, taken aback by Norah’s presence, said, Dr. Wilson, you were waiting for me? I didn’t 

think you’d go out of your way for me.” 

Norah looked up, coolly stating, Stop pretending. You’ve been spreading rumors, expecting 

me to seek you out, right?” 

Aikin, bewildered, responded, Dr. Wilson, I’m not sure what you mean. I’m truly lost here.” 

Keep up the act, why don’t you!Norah couldn’t help but tease, You’ve got quite the talent. Ever considered skipping medicine for a career in showbiz? You’d probably make more money than a doctor.” 

Aikin faced her, innocence written all over his face, and said, Dr. Wilson, is there a chance. you’ve got the wrong idea about me? I’m clueless about what you’re implying. Medicine is my passion. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t demean my aspirations. Even if you’re someone I admire, I can’t let that slide.” 

Norah frowned, thinking he genuinely didn’t know about the rumor or that his act was flawless

Norah didn’t beat around the bush and said, Dr. Rivera, let’s get one thing straight from our conversation earlier today. We can exchange insights on medicine, but that’s where the line is drawn. Whether you’re feigning ignorance or not, why spread rumors claiming I’m your girlfriend?” 

Chapter 49 Stop Pretending 

She chuckled and said, Do you think I’m too laidback to confront it? Assuming I’d let it slide? But you’re mistaken, Dr. Rivera. I’m not one to keep my cool easily. You might not like the outcome if we don’t clear this up promptly tomorrow.” 

Their standoff took place beneath the trees at the hospital’s entryway, the air charged with an unmistakable tension

Love On The Fast Track by Critter

Love On The Fast Track by Critter

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When they were kids, Derek saved Norah's life. Years later, after Derek ended up in a vegetative state from a car crash, Norah married him without a second thought and even used her medical knowledge to heal him. For two years, Norah was devoted, seeking his affection and looking to settle her life-saving debt. But when Derek's first love returned, Norah, faced with divorce, didn't hesitate to sign. Despite being labeled as forsaken, few knew of her true talents. She was a race car driver, a famed designer, a genius hacker, and a renowned doctor. Regretting his decision, Derek begged for her forgiveness. Just then, a charming CEO intervened, embracing Norah and declaring, "Back off! She's my wife!"

Love On The Fast Track by Critter

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In the softly lit room, a man and a woman on the spacious bed engaged in affectionate moments. Above the bed, a painting of a bride adorned the pristine wall, her expression one of gentle joy. "Imagine if Norah caught us here, in her bed. Do you think she'd be furious enough to cry?" the woman said in a flirtatious tone. "Not her bed. After all these years, I've never even shared a touch with her. She's always sleeping in the guest room next door," the man snorted before replying. "Derek, you're so good to me..." The soft murmurs of the two mingled with their heavy breathing.

Love On The Fast Track by Critter


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