Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook CHAPTER 43

Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook CHAPTER 43

Chapter 43 Steal Another 

Man’s Wife 

The man who came out of the lounge was Henley

At this moment, he wore a khaki windbreaker and a pair of narrowrimmed glasses. He had 

a gentle temperament, making him look elegant and pleasant to the eye

I believe that Raegan is the person you need. I’m confident about it,Henley said lightly instead of answering Cara’s question

Cara was his cousin, and they were close to each other. They had a good relationship since they were children

The corners of Cara’s mouth curved into a smile. She couldn’t deny Henley’s words. Indeed, she needed Raegan in the company

She would venture out into something new, and she was a bit excited

Suddenly, Cara asked curiously, By the way, why do you have to hide? Why didn’t you say. hello to her just now?” 

There’s no need. I don’t want her to think that I am helping her,Henley replied gently

As much as possible, he didn’t want Raegan to be burdened with gratitude to him

HmmI wonder why you pay so much attention to her. Do you like her?Cara couldn’t help teasing

Henley had been cold as ice in the past few years. This was his first time showing interest in a woman. He really cared for Raegan so much

But soon, Cara’s smile was replaced by a frown. She said, According to her resume, she is married. Henley, are you trying to steal another man’s wife?” 

Henley was helping Raegan in secret. He didn’t even come out of the lounge just now. It seemed Raegan probably didn’t know that Henley had feelings for her

At the thought of this, Cara’s frown deepened even more. She added, Henley, many women 

Chapter 43 Steal Another Man’s Wife 

out there are very eager to be with you. Why don’t you find someone else? Do you want to be called a third wheel or be accused of being a homewrecker?” 

Henley frowned. What are you talking about?

He suppressed the surging emotions in his heart and pretended to be indifferent

All he wanted to do was help and support Raegan

At this moment, he could only help her in this way. But he didn’t want her to know what he was doing for her

Cara looked at Henley and shook her head. She knew she couldn’t get him to admit his feelings for Raegan, so she didn’t insist anymore

She and Henley grew up together, so she knew him well. He looked gentle on the surface, but he was a sophisticated man

And he was also resolute. Once he made up his mind, no one could change it

Cara didn’t dwell on the matter anymore. It doesn’t matter if Henley liked Raegan. As long as he didn’t have an affair with Raegan, she decided to just let him be

After leaving the Alpire Studio, Raegan went directly to the hospital to visit her grandmother. She couldn’t wait to tell Joanna the good news

As expected, her grandmother was overjoyed at this and even had a good appetite during 


When Raegan returned to Serenity Villas, she packed her things. She wanted to move back to Crystal Bay because she thought it was more convenient for her. There was a subway station. near her apartment, so it was easier for her to commute to Alpire Studio

Besides, she only stayed in Serenity Villas to recuperate. Now that she had recovered, she had no reason to stay there any longer

Raegan thought Mitchel probably didn’t want to see her again. He must be glad to know that 

she had moved out

Raegan had just finished packing when Luciana arrived at Serenity Villas. Raegan didn’t expect this sudden visit. She hurriedly stuffed her suitcase into the cabinet in a panic

Luciana waited for Raegan in the living room. As soon as she saw Raegan going down the stairs, she stood up and walked toward Raegan. She pulled Raegan affectionately and said. kindly, Raegan, today is my grandpa’s birthday. Let’s go to the party together.” 




Chapter 43 Steal Another Man’s Wife 

Luciana’s grandfather was Mitchel’s greatgrandfather.. 

Raegan was so startled that she hurriedly waved her hand. Luciana, it’s not appropriate for me to go there.” 

Mitchel was the greatgrandson of the celebrant, so he must be there, too. After what happened between them last night, she was a little afraid to see him

Besides, they were getting divorced soon. So, it was inappropriate for her to appear on such an occasion and meet his elders

Luciana must have understood what Raegan meant. She smiled and said, I have told my grandpa about you, and he is very eager to person. Do you have the heart to let 

e you

him down?” 

Raegan was still hesitant. But” 

Knowing what Raegan was worried about, Luciana immediately interrupted, I know you are not ready to meet the elders of the Dixon family yet. Don’t worry. Other people don’t know about your real identity. What they know is that you are Kyler’s goddaughter.” 

Raegan didn’t want to make things difficult for Luciana, so she finally agreed


Luciana was very happy. She took Raegan out to select a dress for the dinner party

When Raegan came out of the fitting room, Luciana was stunned. The light purple dress she chose fit Raegan perfectly. Raegan was as beautiful as a fairy from the deepest part of the 


Raegan was so dazzling that Luciana couldn’t help exclaiming, Raegan, you look gorgeous!” 

Actually, Luciana had a secret plan. She thought of making her stupid son Mitchel jealous 


People said that jealousy was the best catalyst for a couple. Luciana wanted Mitchel to recognize his affection for Raegan and treat her well. Therefore, Luciana decided to give them 

a push

Soon, the car pulled over in front of Luciana’s grandfather’s villa

Tonight, the parking lot was full of luxurious cars. The villa looked magnificent, and many guests from rich and powerful families came. The villa was bustling with people

The Lloyd family was also very prosperous during the time of Luciana’s grandfather. They were one of the most powerful families. But when Luciana’s father took over the family, the 





Chapter 43 Steal Another Man’s Wife

Lloyd family lost momentum

Now, the only pride of the Lloyd family was Luciana’s son, Mitchel

Since Mitchel was Luciana’s son, the celebrities in Ardlens were willing to attend the party

As soon as they entered the villa, Luciana took Raegan to the second floor to meet Luciana’s grandfather

Today was Luciana’s grandfather’s hundredth birthday, and the old man was in good spirits

Raegan greeted him with a happy birthday and wished him well. He was so happy that he immediately gave her a jade pendant as a gift

It was an exquisite jade pendant. Raegan didn’t dare to accept it, but Luciana insisted on letting her take it

When it came to Luciana, Raegan really didn’t have the heart to refuse

Then, Luciana and her grandfather talked about some family matters. Raegan thought it was inappropriate for her to stay in the room, so she found an excuse to go out and wait outside

She didn’t wander around. She just waited in the hall on the second floor

The hall overlooked the banquet hall on the first floor. Raegan stood in an inconspicuous 

corner and watched the scene downstairs

Then Raegan noticed two women in gaudy clothes chatting near the railing not far away

I heard that Mitchel of the Dixon family is coming tonight. I haven’t seen him yet, and I’m curious what he looks like. But they say he is gorgeously attractive. I must seize the opportunity to get close to him.” 

Forget about it. You won’t get any chance. I heard he has been with Lauren of the Murray family for many years. Lauren has just returned from abroad recently. There have been tons

of rumors about the two of them.” 

That sickly daughter of the Murray family? I really don’t understand why Mitchel likes her. I don’t know how she managed to seduce Mitchel all these years.” 

Lauren is Mitchel’s first love. In fact, while Lauren was abroad, he never had relationships 

with other women. He really waited for her to come back.” 

Oh, I’m so envious of Lauren. I am willing to do anything just to marry Mitchel.” 

Haha! You wish! Every woman dreams of becoming Mitchel’s wife.” 




Chapter 43 Steal Another Man’s Wife 

The two women chatted as if no one was around. They had no idea that Raegan heard everything, and she was now a bit upset

Every woman dreamed of becoming Mitchel’s wife? She begged to disagree. Maybe she was different from other women because she didn’t want to be Mitchel’s wife now

After all, she could never share the man she loved with other women

Raegan didn’t want to hear their conversation anymore, so she turned around and was about to leave. But she didn’t expect to bump into someone she didn’t want to see

Tessa wore a turquoise evening dress, which looked good on her

Since the birthday party was held by the Lloyd family, it was expected that the guests were from rich and powerful families. So Tessa’s mother urged her to attend the party and seize the opportunity to choose a good man for herself

When Tessa saw Raegan, she didn’t seem to be surprised at all. She approached Raegan and sneered, Raegan, you’re really something. After all, as Mitchel’s wife, your place is the dream 

of other females.” 

Actually, Tessa was still shocked when she learned about Raegan’s being Mitchel’s wife. She found it unacceptable. When she was oblivious to this fact and tried to make things difficult for Raegan, she was dragged out of the Dixon residence, which was embarrassing. Every time. she remembered it, she wished she could tear Raegan apart

Tessa had no choice but to put up with it. As long as Raegan was married to Mitchel, she could not hurt Raegan

But it didn’t mean that others couldn’t do so

A hint of viciousness flashed through Tessa’s eyes. She had been holding grudges against Raegan. Now was the time to settle accounts with Raegan

Raegan couldn’t help frowning upon hearing Tessa’s words. But she suppressed the urge to retort. Today was a big day for the Lloyd family, and she didn’t want to ruin it by making trouble. So, she decided to make a detour to avoid Tessa

However, Tessa blocked her way. Obviously, Tessa didn’t intend to let Raegan go that easily

Then Tessa continued, Don’t think that I don’t know the truth. You only seduced Mitchel, so he was forced to marry you. But he doesn’t love you at all. His heart only belongs to Lauren. Forced love does not last. If you still have any shame left, divorce Mitchel as soon as possible. Let him and Lauren have a happy ending.” 




Chapter 43 Steal Another Man’s Wife 

Raegan didn’t want to argue with Tessa. But it didn’t mean she would just let Tessa insult 


She chuckled softly and said, Why should I? I have done many things for this marriage. As long as I am happy, I think it’s all worth it.

Raegan indeed had a great time in the past two years. Things only changed when she found. out the truth about Mitchel’s tenderness

Raegan’s words pissed Tessa off. Tessa pointed at Raegan’s nose and shouted, You, shameless bitch! Who do you think you are? You can’t even hold a candle to Lauren.” 

Oh, really?Raegan sneered indifferently. Why didn’t Mitchel marry her then?” 

YouHow dare you!” 

Tessa was so exasperated that she wanted to continue scolding Raegan. Suddenly, she saw something and changed her mind. She sneered, See for yourself and tell me if it’s still worth 


Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

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There was only one man in Raegan's heart, and it was Mitchel. In the second year of her marriage to him, she got pregnant. Raegan's joy knew no bounds. But before she could break the news to her husband, he served her divorce papers because he wanted to marry his first love. After an accident, Raegan lay in the pool of her own blood and called out to Mitchel for help. Unfortunately, he left with his first love in his arms.

Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

Raegan Hayes was a little absent-minded at the moment. All she could think of since this afternoon was the doctor's words. "Congratulations! You are pregnant." Suddenly, Mitchel Dixon pinched her arm hard. His low voice came the next second. "Come back to earth. What are you thinking about?" Before she could respond to that, Mitchel kissed Raegan hard after holding the back of her head lovingly. He then went into the bathroom.

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