Love’s Remedies Falling For My Stoic Hero by Rascal CHAPTER 48

Love’s Remedies Falling For My Stoic Hero by Rascal CHAPTER 48

Chapter 48 Kristy’s Visit 

Colten, Nate, and Leanna were present at the Lambert family’s birthday celebration, adequately representing the Holland family

Colten had expressly instructed Ricky not to attend, yet Ricky’s inability to discipline Janelle was evident when she arrived uninvited, causing problems for Leanna. Consequently, Colten had no desire to engage with Janelle

Kristy had been talking negatively about Colten to Ricky, claiming he showed favoritism

Despite all being his grandchildren, Colten had allocated all the shares and the Holland. family to Nate, not to mention the villas and jewelry he passed to Silvia from their grandmother

With Nate and Silvia getting all the good stuff, what was left for their children

They hadn’t gained anything yet

Without the allure of inheriting two valuable parcels of land, Kristy likely wouldn’t bother visiting Colten

Unfazed by Colten’s growing annoyance, Kristy cheerfully asked, Grandpa, with Thanksgiving approaching, should we arrange a family meal at home or reserve a place?” 

Colten looked tenderly at Leanna. Leanna, it’s been two years since you celebrated with us at home. What’s your preference? We should be together for the holidays to avoid criticism.” 

Janelle and Chase were visibly irritated by Colten’s consultation with Leanna, an outsider

about family matters

Janelle couldn’t resist protesting, Grandpa, why should she make such decisions?” 

Leanna clung to Colten’s arm. I’d love to dine at Maplewood Restaurant. I’ve missed their dishes immensely.” 

She wasn’t making it up. Since she got back to Elesmond, she’d been itching to go. But snagging a reservation at the town’s top restaurant in Elesmond wasn’t that easy

Also, with her strained relationship with Nate, she couldn’t rely on him for help. Asking 




Chapter 48 Kristy’s Visit 

Colten felt awkward, too, given the favors she already owed him

Now was her chance to voice her preference

Colten reassured her with a pat on the hand, saying, Then it’s decided, Maplewood 

Restaurant it is.” 

He directed Kristy, Let Ricky handle the booking.” 

Kristy appeared unqualified even for that task

Janelle suggested, What about dinner here tonight, Grandpa? I’m yearning for the butler’s 


Colten, showing his discontent, replied, He’s aged and cooks less frequently. It’s unlikely you’ll savor his cooking again.” 

Janelle felt frustrated. Grandpa seemed to favor everyone else, even standing up for a mere cook. Her desires were always overlooked. Leanna suggested going to Maplewood Restaurant, and he instantly approved. Who really held the power in the Holland family

Chase couldn’t hold back and said, Grandpa, isn’t this favoritism?” 

Despite his words, Chase’s expression remained joyous, portraying the image of a happy young man. Completely innocent on the surface

Only Leanna was aware of his act

She had witnessed him cruelly killing a cat, its organs scattered on the floor, all because the animal had affectionately licked his shoe. His smile during the act was chilling

He then turned his attention to Janelle and said, My dear sister, all grown up yet still behaving like a youngster, always focused on leisure. You’ve really become quite the socialite.” 

He subtly included Leanna in his gaze as he commented. It seemed that he was referring Janelle, but in fact, he was saying such words to Leanna.. 

Colten feigned ignorance. Janelle is no longer a child, correct? She’s twentyseven. Shouldn’t 

she be considering more meaningful pursuits rather than just socializing?” 

Janelle rolled her eyes. Grandpa, I’ve tried to be involved. I studied accounting, hoping to join the company. But Nate has been finding reasons to keep me out.” 

Kristy had encouraged her accounting studies, aiming for Janelle to enter the Holland Group’s finance sector and keep an eye on its accounts. However, Nate required Janelle to compete for her position, and with her lackluster educational background, she couldn’t match the 




Chapter 48 Kristy’s Visit 

qualifications of top university graduates

Janelle didn’t genuinely aspire to work; she preferred the ease of a wealthy lifestyle without the confines of employment

Kristy persisted, Dad, Janelle could use some realworld experience. Could you persuade Nate to place her in the finance team?” 

Colten’s demeanor became stern. If she’s not qualified, it’s about her abilities, not Nate’s personal bias. He’s too busy for such things. Yet, she doesn’t have to start in the Holland Group. Why not gain some initial experience at a smaller firm?” 

Hmm, how could a tiny company even compare to my stature?Janelle sneered in her heart

Janelle quickly dismissed it, saying, No point. I’ll be marrying soon. I don’t see why I should compete for a position now.” 

Colten asked, You’re getting married? Who are you going to marry? Does the man’s family deserve our status?The last question was aimed at Kristy, who appeared just as taken aback

Janelle was indeed getting older. Kristy had been setting her up on blind dates with men from influential families for three years, but none of the desirable matches were interested in Janelle, and those who were didn’t meet Kristy’s standards

Now, all eyes were on Janelle for her response


Love’s Remedies Falling For My Stoic Hero by Rascal

Love’s Remedies Falling For My Stoic Hero by Rascal

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Leanna's life had been full of hardships until her Uncle Nate, who wasn't related to her, offered her a home. She fell deeply in love with Nate, but as he was about to get married, he ruthlessly sent her abroad. In response, Leanna immersed herself in the study of andrology. When she came back, she was renowned for her work on solving problems like impotence, premature ejaculation, and infertility. One day, Nate trapped her in her bedroom. "Seeing various men every day, huh? Why don't you check me out and see if I have any problems?" Leanna laughed slyly and quickly unbuckled his belt. "Is that why you're engaged but not married? Having trouble in the bedroom?" "Wanna try it out for yourself?"

Love's Remedies Falling For My Stoic Hero by Rascal

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Leanna Powell burst through the door, a folder in her hand. Just as she was about to yell, the sounds from the bedroom halted her, altering her facial expression instantly. "Nate, be careful... It's too much for me..." She heard the voice of a woman whose moans intensified. At twenty, Leanna was no stranger to what these sounds usually meant. Yet, in this villa, it was just her and her uncle, Nate Holland. She refused to believe he was the one that made the woman moan in the bedroom.

Love's Remedies Falling For My Stoic Hero by Rascal


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