Love’s Remedies Falling For My Stoic Hero by Rascal CHAPTER 49

Love’s Remedies Falling For My Stoic Hero by Rascal CHAPTER 49

Chapter 49 The One She 


With a hint of shyness, she lowered her gaze. I find Martin from the Welch family quite appealing. Grandpa, do you approve?” 

Colten gave a nod of approval. The Welch family siblings are commendable. I’ve heard Martin supports his brother Damon in running their business effectively. It’s refreshing to see such unity in families like ours. Martin seems like a reliable person.” 

Janelle felt a surge of happiness at Colten’s endorsement

That’s wonderful. Grandpa is in favor.” 

The conversation shifted. Does Martin reciprocate your feelings?” 

Janelle hesitated and said, I’m not entirely sure. Perhaps he does.” 

She was confident that even if he didn’t like her, she could change that

Her friends had shared numerous strategies to win a man’s affection. If things got intimate, considering their highprofile backgrounds, marriage would likely follow to preserve their 


Once she became Mrs. Welch, she believed her new status would command respect, even from those who currently sided with Nate against her family

Colten didn’t delve deeper. Despite his reservations about Kristy and her kids, he wished for 

his granddaughter’s happiness in marriage

While pouring coffee, Janelle spilled some on her skirt in her excitement

Oops, I’ve soaked my skirt, Grandpa. I didn’t bring an extra outfit. Leanna, may I borrow one of yours?” 

Leanna nodded in agreement

She informed Janelle, Just a moment. I’ll fetch one from the east wing.” 

In her closet, she selected a dress still bearing its price tag




Chapter 49 The One She Likes 

I prefer the orange one.Leanna was startled by Janelle’s sudden appearance

How did you get in here?” 

Concerned about her laboratory in the same building, Leanna feared Janelle’s potential for 


Janelle scanned the room. Are you concealing a man here? Why else would you be so nervous?Colten wasn’t around, and Janelle’s tone grew bolder and more vulgar

Come on, let’s go.Leanna, annoyed, grabbed the clothes

Hey, what’s this? Are these real gems? Crystals? The design is quite unique.” 

Janelle, your behavior is unacceptable. Don’t handle my belongings without asking. Please put that down.Leanna attempted to retrieve it, but Janelle evaded her

The gemstone was a unique gift from Aaron, sourced from a country famous for such treasures. Its size and distinctive shape made it exceedingly rare and highly prized elsewhere. Understandably, Janelle was skeptical. How could Leanna, an orphan, own such an exquisite 


Return it now. It’s valued at 300 million. If it breaks, you won’t afford the damages.” 

Janelle laughed at the claim. A counterfeit gem valued at 300 million? She thought Leanna was trying to deceive her

Oh really? 300 million? I doubt that.With those words, she carelessly threw it

Gemstones are resilient. It won’t break, so don’t fret.” 


Leanna watched in dismay as the gemstone hit the floor, creating a loud noise. Although it mostly remained intact, a minor chip on one of its six corners compromised its perfection

The gem’s worth was in its unique shape, and now it was marred

Is it genuinely a gemstone? Leanna, how did you acquire such an item? Did Nate gift it to you? He’s really generous with you.Jealousy contorted Janelle’s features

She lacked such precious items herself

Why should Leanna, with no family ties, have such a valuable gem

Holding the damaged gemstone, Leanna fixed Janelle with a furious look, wishing she could confront her more directly




Chapter 49 The One She Likes 

You have the nerve to give me the stink eye over something from my own family?” 

Janelle didn’t seem sorry at all

Janelle had always been this way. Leanna usually kept her distance, avoiding conflict. But this time, she was seething with 


Glaring at you? I am going to hit you.Leanna’s patience snapped. She lunged at Janelle, pinning her down with a swift move to her thigh, a spot known for causing sharp pain

Janelle screamed, not accustomed to physical confrontations, especially not with someone like Leanna, who had received some form of training from Aaron

Eventually, Leanna stopped and stepped back

Janelle remained on the floor, sobbing loudly

Wanting to avoid further conflict, Leanna secured the laboratory door to keep Janelle from. causing more chaos

As expected, once Janelle collected herself, she started to destructively lash out, damaging anything within reach

Leanna watched, indifferent to the destruction. She knew someone else would be responsible for the damages. 

What’s happening here, Janelle?The noise caught the attention of Colten and the 


Chase signed up to deal with it and got there before anyone else.. 

Leanna found her sister bullying Leanna again. It was bad enough at home, but now, in Colten’s territory? What would Colten make of this? Her sister was brainless

Chase, she attacked me. Can you believe that?Janelle’s makeup got all messed up from her crying, leaving her face looking like a colorful mess. It was comical

Leanna played it cool. Me, hit her? That’s absurd.” 

She twisted her thigh, knowing Janelle couldn’t possibly reveal that part of her body to anyone else. So, there would be no evidence. As long as she denied it, what could Janelle do

Love’s Remedies: Falling For My Stoic Hero

Love’s Remedies Falling For My Stoic Hero by Rascal

Love’s Remedies Falling For My Stoic Hero by Rascal

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Leanna's life had been full of hardships until her Uncle Nate, who wasn't related to her, offered her a home. She fell deeply in love with Nate, but as he was about to get married, he ruthlessly sent her abroad. In response, Leanna immersed herself in the study of andrology. When she came back, she was renowned for her work on solving problems like impotence, premature ejaculation, and infertility. One day, Nate trapped her in her bedroom. "Seeing various men every day, huh? Why don't you check me out and see if I have any problems?" Leanna laughed slyly and quickly unbuckled his belt. "Is that why you're engaged but not married? Having trouble in the bedroom?" "Wanna try it out for yourself?"

Love's Remedies Falling For My Stoic Hero by Rascal

Love's Remedies Falling For My Stoic Hero by Rascal summary

Leanna Powell burst through the door, a folder in her hand. Just as she was about to yell, the sounds from the bedroom halted her, altering her facial expression instantly. "Nate, be careful... It's too much for me..." She heard the voice of a woman whose moans intensified. At twenty, Leanna was no stranger to what these sounds usually meant. Yet, in this villa, it was just her and her uncle, Nate Holland. She refused to believe he was the one that made the woman moan in the bedroom.

Love's Remedies Falling For My Stoic Hero by Rascal


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