Love’s Remedies Falling For My Stoic Hero by Rascal CHAPTER 50

Love’s Remedies Falling For My Stoic Hero by Rascal CHAPTER 50

Chapter 50 Chase’s True Colors 

Observing Leanna, Chase noted that she hadn’t changed much from two years ago, maintaining her obedient facade in public. Whatever Janelle commanded, Leanna dutifully followed without question

Once, Janelle had instructed Leanna to fetch a lantern by the lake, and in her blind obedience, Leanna stumbled and fell in. When Colten and Nate got wind of this, they promptly grounded Janelle for a month. She even missed a chance to join the Holland Group’s finance department

Such incidents occurred frequently. They all stemmed from Janelle’s attempts to deceive Leanna, which often backfired

Because of this, Chase couldn’t shake the feeling that Leanna wasn’t as harmless as she seemed. Perhaps, like him, she was adept at pretending to be weak to deceive her enemies. It seemed likely that this was the case

Alright, that’s enough. Come with me,Chase said, reaching out to help Janelle to her feet. She did not have any visible injuries, at least to his eyes. If Colten were to arrive and find the house in disarray for no apparent reason, he would reprimand her. Chances are, he wouldn’t permit her to set foot on the estate again

Misinterpreting Chase’s intentions, Janelle believed he was taking Leanna’s side, leading her to cry even harder

Why are you also falling for her tricks? You are my brother!” 

With his brows furrowed in frustration, Chase felt utterly helpless. Then help me. understand. Where did she hit you? Do you have evidence?” 

She pinched my thigh, and now it’s swollen.” 

Why would she do that?” 

Janelle pointed at the glittering gemstone in Leanna’s hand. I just touched it, and she pinched me




Chapter 50 Chase’s True Colors

Chase glanced at Leanna, his gaze lingering on the large gemstone. He sighed in his heart. that Colten really favored her. How could he have given her such a valuable item

Even Chase, typically adept at concealing his emotions, couldn’t contain the rising jealousy

His expression cracked ever so slightly

So, you hit her just because she touched your gemstone? Do you know that despite Grandpa giving it to you, that gemstone belongs to the Holland family? Do you know who the true Holland family member is? And how you came to be part of this family? Don’t you have any 

idea of that?” 

Chase’s agitation was uncharacteristic. He typically projected an air of refinement and gentleness to the outside world, sharply contrasting with Nate’s ruthless nature

Let me repeat. I didn’t hit her. She damaged my gemstone, and it wasn’t just a touch. The gemstone chipped at one corner, tarnishing this otherwise flawless gem. The loss is substantial, far beyond mere millions

As for your comment about finding my place, perhaps that should be directed towards Miss Janelle. This is Colten’s house, and it’s evident he is not particularly fond of either of you.” 

Leanna’s words struck a nerve with the siblings, leaving them reeling

An outsider was scorning the pride of the Holland family

If it weren’t for Nate, the Holland family wouldn’t be so influential. So, there is not much to boast about, right?” 

With a sudden burst of anger, Chase couldn’t hold back any longer. He lunged forward and delivered a resounding slap to Leanna’s cheek

Whenever Chase mingled with those affluent kids from esteemed families, he often faced condescension due to his status as a product of a second marriage

Furthermore, the Holland family’s current reputation was solely due to Nate’s efforts. Considering Nate’s strained ties with his family, people maintained their distance from 


He was indeed in an awkward position. But being taunted by a nobody like Leanna was simply intolerable

The slap surprised Leanna. Finally pushed beyond her limits by the siblings, she shielded her face and bolted away




Chapter 50 Chase’s True Colors 

She resolved to fight fire with fire

Colten, they are bullying me. I can’t stay in the Holland family anymore.” 

Leanna dashed off to lodge her complaint, her cries jolting the enraged Chase from his stupor

Damn it!” 

The siblings hurried after her

Leanna revealed the red mark on her face to Colten, her shoulders quivering as silent tears streamed down her cheeks. Her suppressed weeping accentuated her sense of helplessness and injustice

Colten was livid. He fixed Chase with a steely gaze and demanded, What happened? I thought you had it under control. How did Leanna end up getting hit?” 

The mark was a vivid red, unmistakably the result of a man’s slap

Love’s Remedies Falling For My Stoic Hero by Rascal

Love’s Remedies Falling For My Stoic Hero by Rascal

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Leanna's life had been full of hardships until her Uncle Nate, who wasn't related to her, offered her a home. She fell deeply in love with Nate, but as he was about to get married, he ruthlessly sent her abroad. In response, Leanna immersed herself in the study of andrology. When she came back, she was renowned for her work on solving problems like impotence, premature ejaculation, and infertility. One day, Nate trapped her in her bedroom. "Seeing various men every day, huh? Why don't you check me out and see if I have any problems?" Leanna laughed slyly and quickly unbuckled his belt. "Is that why you're engaged but not married? Having trouble in the bedroom?" "Wanna try it out for yourself?"

Love's Remedies Falling For My Stoic Hero by Rascal

Love's Remedies Falling For My Stoic Hero by Rascal summary

Leanna Powell burst through the door, a folder in her hand. Just as she was about to yell, the sounds from the bedroom halted her, altering her facial expression instantly. "Nate, be careful... It's too much for me..." She heard the voice of a woman whose moans intensified. At twenty, Leanna was no stranger to what these sounds usually meant. Yet, in this villa, it was just her and her uncle, Nate Holland. She refused to believe he was the one that made the woman moan in the bedroom.

Love's Remedies Falling For My Stoic Hero by Rascal


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