My Hockey Alpha by Eve Above Story Chapter 201

My Hockey Alpha by Eve Above Story Chapter 201

Chapter 201 Gone


That night, I ran into Eli. Although our conversation was brief, it told me all I needed to know.

As I looked at him, his appearance began to morph once more into Enzo’s. His eyes became the soft brown color I had grown to love, his hair became curly and brown, and his face morphed into the handsome, sharp appearance I had become so familiar with over the past few months.

Maybe Selena really was pulling some sort of prank on me. Maybe these two new transfer students weren’t actually Selena or Enzo, but were in fact actors who had some sort of spell put on them to make me think that they were Selena and Enzo. That would be the most logical explanation.

But the way that “Sadie” glared at me through the window — Enzo’s window, for that matter — that night, the way that she threatened me in the bathroom at the dance a couple of nights before, and the way that Eli looked at me, all made me think otherwise.

In my eyes, Selena and Enzo were right here in Mountainview. Selena put some sort of spell on them to hide their appearances, and she also put some sort of spell on Enzo to make him forget me. But I knew that I could make him remember if I could only have enough time alone with him without Selena interfering.

And it wasn’t just that; when I looked at “Eli”, and when he began to morph into Enzo that night, I could have sworn that I felt a tiny flicker of my wolf returning. It was faint, and it only lasted for a split second, but I knew she was still there. She was alive, but dormant. To me, that was the perfect proof that this new transfer student was in fact Enzo. If he wasn’t, why would my wolf have reacted to his presence?

Even then, however, I still had to prove it to my friends. They couldn’t see through the spell because they weren’t Enzo’s fated mate like I was. He likely also had some sort of spell on him to cover up his

true scent as well, which meant that the hockey team wouldn’t be able to tell it was him. I would have to find some other way to show them that he was Enzo.

But how?

The next morning, I realized for the first time in weeks that it was the first day that classes were supposed to be back in session. It was a Monday morning, and although I had hardly slept at all the night before, I felt excited over two things: my conversation with “Eli” the night before, as well as the sense of normalcy from returning to classes. I had missed learning, and was looking forward to going back to some semblance of my old routine.

I got ready for class that morning with the intention of trying to find “Eli” afterwards. After staying up all night, I had come up with a plan to try to separate him from “Sadie” and try to talk to him privately. I was certain that I only needed a few minutes alone with him to make him remember me, but separating him from “Sadie” would prove to be difficult. Even then, I was optimistic.

However, that optimism quickly died out when I made it to my first class in weeks and sat down, only to see none other than “Sadie” herself walk in and sit down right next to me.

I supposed that I should have been prepared for it, given the fact that they were supposed to be transfer students. But at the same time, it took me off guard; if this truly was Selena, how did she manage to get into a junior level pre-med class? As far as I knew, Selena was not a student anywhere. I couldn’t help but wonder if she did something such as paying the dean a hefty sum of money to enroll in this class just to mess with me, which I was sure the dean would have gladly accepted in order to have more money to help the school. I didn’t blame the dean; she didn’t know what I knew.

However, “Sadie” sitting right next to me for the entire class was distracting, to say the least. She didn’t interact with me too much, but I couldn’t deny the feeling of her hateful eyes occasionally resting on me

or the feeling of her sharp elbow “accidentally” digging into my side when she reached down for her bag.

Even though this made me incredibly uneasy, though, I just kept my head up and focused on getting through class. Maybe this could be a good thing; maybe I could follow her after class to see where she went.

Eventually, class ended and Selena was practically the first one out the door with her pink Louis Vuitton bag slung over her shoulder. I could hear other students whispering to each other about this new “mystery student” and how “wealthy she must be”, but I didn’t care about any of that. Quickly, I grabbed my own things and followed her, keeping a healthy distance so as not to be seen.

But of course, she went to the parking lot right after class.

And, of course, “Eli” was waiting for her.

Not only that, but… He was waiting for her on a motorcycle. Enzo’s motorcycle.

That only solidified my theory. I watched from afar in horror as she sauntered up to him and kissed him deeply before she climbed onto the back. Tears filled my eyes as I watched them race off into the distance. That should have been me on the back of that motorcycle.

This needed to end.

I needed to speak to Myra. Maybe she could get a sense of what was going on if she saw these two together; maybe she could help me.

Without wasting a moment, I blinked back my tears and ran toward the cabins where the Fullmoons were staying, ignoring the strange looks from students and whispers about how “Eli’s” motorcycle

looked just like Enzo’s. All I cared about was finding someone who might have some insight, someone who might understand me and believe me.

And yet, when I arrived at the cabins…

Everyone was gone.

“Hello?” I called as I approached, my heart sinking as I quickly realized that every cabin was empty now. “Myra? Luke? Anyone?”

Of course, no one answered. Not only were the Fullmoons completely gone with no trace, but Luke wasn’t here either; and a part of me had sincerely hoped that he would be left behind, at the very least. My heart sank even further as I realized that I didn’t know what they might have done to him. Lewis never seemed power-hungry enough to make someone disappear for trying to find Enzo, but… I couldn’t be sure.

One thing was sure, however: even though Myra and Luke were gone, and even though the witch had still not responded to my email begging for help, I knew that Enzo was here on campus, and he was very much alive.

But how could I convince my friends without seeming crazy

My Hockey Alpha

My Hockey Alpha

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When Nina's bf banged a cheerleader in her bedroom on her 18th birthday partyTo get revenge on him, she slept with his hockey team captain.Everyone knows Captain never have a second s3x with the same girl. But he wants Nina every night...and everyone knows that too...

My Hockey Alpha

When Nina's bf banged a cheerleader in her bedroom on her 18th birthday partyTo get revenge on him, she slept with his hockey team captain.Everyone knows Captain never have a second s3x with the same girl. But he wants Nina every night...and everyone knows that too...


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