The Billionaire’s Hidden Obsession by Hikikomori Chapter 153

The Billionaire’s Hidden Obsession by Hikikomori Chapter 153

Chapter 153 

HUH?Sera blinked several times, trying to process what she had just heard. Amalia smiled, finding her reaction cute and funny at the same time. She could tell Sera was confused but also relieved to hear she was a lesbian

That’s right. Primo chose me to pretend to be his fake girlfriend because he knew that nothing romantic or intimate would ever happen between us during this mission,” Amalia said. So, rest assured that we aren’t doing anything that could ruin our relationship with our lovers.” 

Primo would rather die than betray your trust or cheat on you,Amalia added, recalling how desperate Primo looked when he asked for her help weeks ago. It was the first time she had seen him in such distress, so she took pity on him and promised to try her best to help. She could tell his love for Sera was genuine and unconditional, so even though her life was at risk for helping him, she didn’t mind. After all, he was someone who had once saved her lover, and he was the reason why they were able to be together. She was just repaying her debt to him by acting as his girlfriend

*So, please believe me that nothing happened,” Amalia said before continuing to explain why she and Primo spent the night at a hotel. During the explanation, Sera felt relief wash over her. She knew there was a reason behind it and was glad that she didn’t jump to conclusions

Well then, now that things are cleared up. I suppose I have to leave you two alone now.Amalia looked at Primo, who nodded at her. She smiled before returning her attention to Sera. It’s really nice meeting you.” 

Thank you,Sera said, reaching to touch her hand after realizing that the woman in front of her was risking her life to protect her. I will repay you someday for helping us.” 

No worries, Amalia smiled, touching Sera’s hand. I’m glad Primo finally found someone who can lighten up his life. His methods of protecting you might not be ideal or pleasant but know that he cares for you very much.” 

Sera couldn’t help but smile. She nodded, knowing what Amalia meant by it. Not long after, Amalia finally left the room. leaving her alone with Primo, who slowly sat down on the bed, facing her with eyes filled with concern. He took one of her hands into his own 

Are you alright? What did the doctor say?he asked. He wanted to ask about her wellbeing earlier when they arrived, but Amalia was too rushed to explain things and clear the misunderstanding, so he couldn’t find the right timing to bring it up

Ah, Sera’s heart started beating faster again. She had almost forgotten about her pregnancy. Now that she was certain that Primo’s love for her hadn’t changed and that he would always be faithful to her, she felt the urge to break the news of her pregnancy. However, knowing him, he might abandon his plan altogether just to be by her side again. Also, her pregnancy might trigger his enemy to return their sights on her, so she needed to keep it a secret from anyone except her family as much as possible

What’s wrong? Are you ill? Primo asked, looking worried and concerned when seeing her expression

No, not exactly,” Sera replied. I was just fatigued. The doctor said having enough rest would make me feel better. It’s. nothing serious.” 

Are you sure?Primo put her palm on his cheek, staring at her as though he hadn’t seen her in so long. His eyes were longing, and she felt guilty for not being honest with him

Yeah,” she nodded, trying her best to assure him. About last night, I’m sorry for making you anxious and suddenly saying to cut off contact with me” 

It’s all right. I understand where you were coming from. After all, you might have been disappointed to know what kind of person I really am,he said, closing his eyes for a second, enjoying her warmth, He then opened them again as he smiled. You can take as much time as you need. 1 just came here because I was really worried. You didn’t come to hate me, right?” 

No, the thing I discovered last night was shocking, but my love for you still remains strongSera smiled, rubbing her thumb on his cheek. So, finish everything you need to do. I will patiently wait for you.” 

I will, and while I’m at it, I’ll reflect on everything I did to disappoint you. I will be better, he reassured. Sera nodded, but then she noticed the wound on his knuckle. She removed her hand from his cheek and held his hand instead, the wound 


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Chapter 153 

looked fresh 

What happened?she asked, her expression and voice filled with concern

Oh, this?” he glanced at his knuckle that he didn’t bother treating or putting bandaids on. I was so frustrated with myself last night that I ended up punching the window of my car.” 

Come on, don’t hurt yourself. I wouldn’t be there to take care of you,” Sera sighed, feeling guilty because she was partly responsible for his frustration. She was so emotional last night that their conversation didn’t end well. This time she wanted. to resolve the situation with ease and not cause any more trouble for Primo. Promise me you’ll take care of yourself during the times we’re apart, and come back to me safe and sound, okay?” 

Primo nodded, relieved that things between them weren’t ruined. He was anxious last night that their relationship would be strained due to his wrongdoings, and he was afraid of causing Sera more pain. He was glad they were able to fix things properly without stretching the situation further

I promise,” he said before leaning in to kiss her on the forehead. By the way, did Simon know that we broke up?” 

Yeah, I told him earlier since he said rumors were going around the company,Sera explained. But I made it clear to him that our breakup was a mutual decision and that you didn’t cheat on me.” 

I see,” Primo sighed. He didn’t want to tell me where you were admitted earlier, and he reminded me not to disappoint him and your parents.” 

Don’t worry about him, I will explain things more clearly without revealing the fact that you’re a malia leader..Sera trailed off. My parents didn’t know that we broke up yet, I was planning to tell them earlier, too, but I changed my mind.” 

Why?he asked, intertwining their hands. He squeezed her hand reassuringly and kissed the back of her knuckles, making the most out of being able to touch her like this

Well,” she paused for a moment, I just don’t want them to worry. Besides, we’re getting back together soon enough so, 1 don’t think it’s necessary to tell them about that part of our relationship” 

Primo’s heart fluttered, knowing Sera accepted him even after discovering the ugly and dark side of him that he was hiding from her. His obsession with her might have scared her, but her love for him didn’t change one bit, and that meant everything to him. It gave him all the reason to settle everything as soon as possible

What’s wrong?Sera asked when Primo didn’t reply and just stared at her lovingly

I’m just happy, thank you for giving me a chance and for believing in me,he answered. Can I kiss you?” 

Yyou’re asking permission?she stammered, feeling flustered all of a sudden, Her cheeks flushed and her heart beat fast as she felt like they were on a stage where he was pursuing her again. It’s weird and exciting at the same time

Can’t I?he asked with pleading eyes, causing Sera to chuckle

You can,she nodded, blushing furiously. She moved closer to him, wrapping her arms around his neck as he kissed her on the lips softly. She had the urge to tell him about her pregnancy but decided against it for fear of distracting him from what he needed to focus on. For now, she’ll just do anything to make sure she and their baby are safe from harm and healthy while Primo is busy with the things he needs to deal with. That’s the least she could do now and when the time has come, she’ll announce her pregnancy to him and live a happy and peaceful life


The Billionaire’s Hidden Obsession by Hikikomori

The Billionaire’s Hidden Obsession by Hikikomori

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The day Sera discovered she was pregnant, her husband handed her divorce papers, saying their marriage wasn't worth keeping. To make matters worse, he confessed to having slept with his ex and getting her pregnant.As a result, Sera signed the papers without hesitation. However, after an argument with her husband and his mistress, she bled all over their floor. She begged him to help her, but he kicked her out, aware of the fact that she was also pregnant with his child.

The Billionaire's Hidden Obsession by Hikikomori

Desperate to save herself and her unborn child, she pushed herself out of the house and blocked a car driving straight at her."Please take me to the hospital; I'll repay you with anything you want if you help me!"Two months after the incident, she returned to work, only to discover that the person who had helped her was none other than Primo Valdemar, the new Director of the company she worked for.He was an attractive gentleman in his 30s who was captivated by Sera's beauty. He is determined to have her and help her in exacting revenge. However, behind his doting demeanor, lurks a ruthless mafia don capable of anything, including obsession and manipulation."I want you as repayment for saving your life,"


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