The Billionaire’s Hidden Obsession by Hikikomori Chapter 155

The Billionaire’s Hidden Obsession by Hikikomori Chapter 155

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Chapter 155 

THE WEATHER WAS BRIGHT and there was a chill in the air. It would have been another beautiful day if they weren’t mourning the sudden loss of the chairman. Agatha’s cries filled the air as she hugged the coffin of her husband, taking a moment before he was placed inside the mausoleum. Rowena, who had also been crying, was soothed by Sera, who had pulled her into a comforting embrace while crying too

The sudden death of her exfatherinlaw had taken them all off guard, but it was not exactly unexpected since the Doctor had already informed them before that the operation would only extend his life, not prolong it. Rowena said that Romulo had excused himself to nap, but when Agatha checked on him hours later, he was no longer breathing. If Sera had known this would happen, she would have visited him for one last time. She was sad and full of regrets that she wasn’t able to talk or see him before he passed away

Ma.Sera called when she noticed that the people who would place the coffin were about to move it. She approached her exmotherinlaw and gently touched her shoulder. We need to say goodbye to Pa.” 

Agatha stood up straight and nodded, caressing the coffin with a single hand

II love you, honey. Wait for me, okay? II will follow you when tthe time has come,she promised between sobs, tears streaming down her cheeks like rivers flowing down rocks. The words were barely audible due to the sobbing, but Sera could hear them clearly anyway and it broke her heart even more. She leaned on her shoulder, crying with her before slowly pulling her away to the coffin

Sera pursed her lips and looked around. She knew Primo couldn’t come, but she was hoping he was by her side during this funeral. It was indeed a sad day, and everyone close to the chairman was grieving. However, they needed to keep their strength up to continue their business as usual. That meant Sera would have to go back to the company once the funeral was done to take care of some things

Auntie Rowena, I’ll leave Ma to you,she said after guiding Agatha to the car when the funeral ended. Rowena nodded and rubbed Sera’s back. She felt bad that she needed to go back to the company, but it had to be done

Don’t worry, I won’t leave her side,” Rowena reassured her before hugging her tightly. Sera watched their car leave and turned to her family who also attended the funeral

Will you be okay alone?her mother asked

Yes,she nodded before they gave her a comforting hug. I will stay here for a moment, thank you for coming.” 

Of course, he was once our family, too,” Bernard said and not long after, they finally bid their goodbyes and gave Sera some time alone. When all the people who attended the funeral were no longer present in the cemetery, she turned her head at the mausoleum. It was silent except for the sound of birds chirping and the trees rustling

Goodbye, Pa. I will promise to take care of the company you left me. Please continue to guide me from above,she muttered, almost choking as she tried to stop herself from crying again. She then slowly looked up at the sky, covering her forehead to protect her eyes from the sun’s rays. We will miss you. Thank you for everything.” 

And with that, she turned around and headed towards her car, leaving the cemetery with a heavy heart. She let out a deep sigh and looked at her driver

Let’s go to the company.” 

Yes, Ma’am.” 

DID THE FUNERAL END?Primo asked when Caleb entered his office. He badly wanted to go to Sera the moment he learned that the chairman passed away days ago, but he couldn’t do so, Especially now that Agustus was finally convinced that Amalia was his new weakness. He was certain that Sera was having a hard time, and he hated himself for not being by her side during her mourning phase

Yes,Caleb answered, sitting on the couch and looking at his friend who was busy signing papers. I heard that Isaac was now working at Stronghold. Did Sera consult you about that?” 



Chapter 155 

Yeah, she told me she will hire him to compensate for the suffering we caused him,Primo replied, not giving him a single glance

And you’re okay with that?” 

Why not?he asked, his hand stopping from moving. He then put the ballpen down and finally looked at his friend. Honestly, he had already expected that Sera would do something like that, and since he promised he would be better, he tried his best no co wallow in his jealousy and obsession. Sera assured me that she won’t get too close to that man, and as long as she keeps a distance from him, I’m fine.” 

“Wow, you’ve matured,” Caleb remarked in surprise, causing Primo to frown, slightly offended by the comment. Though he can’t deny that he was indeed immature in doing all those, he was trying to change. Changing his ways to deal with pests that might get in his way with her relationship with Sera

Whatever, have you prepared everything already?he asked, changing the topic

Yap! Two days from now, Jeremiah Holland’s crimes would be all over the news, along with his parentsinvolvement in covering up his crimes.Caleb smiled triumphantly. He had already gotten all the pieces of evidence and talked to some reporter who would make a big scoop about it. Everything was calculated, and they’re just waiting for the right time to strike

Haah! I can’t wait to finally get rid of that rat,Primo sighed because once Jeremiah had been taken care of, the only problem he would have to deal with was Agustus, and after that, he could finally be with Sera again without fearing for her safety

But are you sure about disbanding the organization? Your grandfather founded it, after all.” 

He’s dead, there’s no reason for me to continue running the organization. Besides, I promised Sera and I am keeping my promise no matter what,” Primo stated, determined about this matter. “Why? Do you want to continue doing it? You can be the next leader if you want.” 

No,Caleb scoffed, I only joined the mafia because you were the leader, and it could help us get justice for Mica’s death.” 

Right,” Primo nodded, a smile creeping up his lips. He already made a deal with another organization to buy his illegal business at a cheap price in exchange for helping him take down Agustus and his gang. Once they succeed, all of Primo’s men will now work under his ally except for Caleb, and with that, they could finally be free from the mafia forever

What’s your plan once this end? Will you find a wife? You’re not getting any younger, you know.Primo said, wanting his friend to finally live his life and meet someone who would change his world like Sera did to him. Caleb has always been loyal to him and his job, he dedicated years to making sure he would be any help to Primo, no matter what. And now that their long battle was nearing its end, he wanted his friend to dedicate his life to himself

Well, I don’t think I’m cut out for romance,” Caleb admitted, shaking his head as he crossed his legs. He was content being Primo’s righthand man and doing things for him. It was fulfilling, having him as a boss and following his every command. Of course, they both knew that kind of relationship wouldn’t last forever, but as of now, romance wasn’t in his plan. If there’s one thing I want to do now, that is to travel the world.” 

That’s unexpected.Primo blinked twice, it was the first he had heard this from him since they hadn’t really talked about their future plans that much. But if that’s what you want, I will support you wholeheartedly.” 

Thanks,Caleb smiled, realizing that there had been a lot of changes in their lives ever since Sera entered the picture, especially in Primo’s behavior. He was glad that it seemed to have improved for the better, which is why he would do everything to make sure they would have a happy ending together. Anyway, why not give Sera a call? You should at least call her to make her feel better.” 

I wanted to, but I can’t,Primo sighed deeply, feeling the weight in his chest growing for not being able to comfort Sera

Why? It’s just a call, it should be okay and safe. It’s not like Agustus would know that you’re still in contact with her,Caleb pointed out, raising his eyebrows in confusion

I know, but I’m sure by now, she’s already with Adam.” 

The Billionaire’s Hidden Obsession by Hikikomori

The Billionaire’s Hidden Obsession by Hikikomori

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The day Sera discovered she was pregnant, her husband handed her divorce papers, saying their marriage wasn't worth keeping. To make matters worse, he confessed to having slept with his ex and getting her pregnant.As a result, Sera signed the papers without hesitation. However, after an argument with her husband and his mistress, she bled all over their floor. She begged him to help her, but he kicked her out, aware of the fact that she was also pregnant with his child.

The Billionaire's Hidden Obsession by Hikikomori

Desperate to save herself and her unborn child, she pushed herself out of the house and blocked a car driving straight at her."Please take me to the hospital; I'll repay you with anything you want if you help me!"Two months after the incident, she returned to work, only to discover that the person who had helped her was none other than Primo Valdemar, the new Director of the company she worked for.He was an attractive gentleman in his 30s who was captivated by Sera's beauty. He is determined to have her and help her in exacting revenge. However, behind his doting demeanor, lurks a ruthless mafia don capable of anything, including obsession and manipulation."I want you as repayment for saving your life,"


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