The Billionaire’s Hidden Obsession by Hikikomori Chapter 161

The Billionaire’s Hidden Obsession by Hikikomori Chapter 161

Chapter 161 

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SERA’S HEART THUMPED against her chest, making her jolt awake. She sat up, looking at the time which read 12:30 AM. She clutched her chest and took her phone, checking for messages but finding none. She removed the blanket on her lap and got out of bed, making sure to leave her room quietly so as not to disturb Nico and Chloe, who were still sleeping in the guest room

When she arrived downstairs, she drank some water and sat in the living room. Her worries returned and weighed down on her once again like an anchor. She let out a deep sigh and closed her eyes, praying that whatever Primo was doing now, he was safe and would come back alive. If anything happened to him, she didn’t know if she could handle it. She was able to endure everything from the past because of him. He was her salvation, and she couldn’t lose him too because she wouldn’t be able to handle it. Please,she begged, her palm covering her face as she continued to pray. Bring Primo home safely.When she lifted her hands away from her face, she felt like crying, but she managed to hold back. She let out a deep sigh again and closed her eyes but snapped them open when she heard the door beep. Her heart started beating faster, and before she knew it, she was already rushing towards the front door, revealing Primo. He was a mess, with blood splattered on his clothes and panting as if he’d just run a marathon. His hair was disheveled, his eyes desperate

Love,” he called her, making Sera’s eyes water and lips tremble as she hugged him, not caring about his state of clothes or even about his dirty hands. He was alive and well, and that was all that mattered to her. Aare you hurt anywhere?she stammered, tears streaming down her cheeks as she pulled away and checked his body for any injury. She sighed with relief when she noticed no bullet wounds or broken bones, but she was also worried and scared for him. He seemed exhausted, and there were a few bruises and cuts on his lips and face

I’m fine,he smiled, pulling her into a hug again. We’re fine now, we can finally be together again.Primo nuzzled her neck, breathing deeply as he enjoyed being in Sera’s embrace once again. The kiss he planted on her skin made her heart flutter in delight as they held each other as though there was nothing in the world between them except their love

I’m glad you’re fine,” Chloe’s voice made them pull away from the hug and turn to the stairs where she was coming down with Nico. You shouldn’t make Sera worry like that.” 

I know, this would be the last time,Primo said, intertwining his hand with Sera’s. Thank you for accompanying her,” 

It’s all right. We’ll take our leave now so you guys can catch up. I know you need privacy,Chloe approached them and patted Sera’s shoulder. See? I told you, a caliber like Primo wasn’t easy to take down.” 

Sera nodded, smiling, a sense of relief washing over her like a wave. Once Chloe and Nico left, she turned to Primo and squeezed his hand as she gazed into his eyes

I’ll help you wash up,she murmured, leading him upstairs to the bathroom. He unbuttoned his shirt, the blood on it bothering her a little as her curiosity kicked in, though she chose to ignore it and focus on helping Primo remove the rest of his clothing

Aren’t you a soft smile

gonna ask me anything?he asked, watching her intently. She looked up at him and gave him 

We can talk about it later, for now you need to clean yourself and rest. This night was rough on both of 

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He wrapped his arms around her waist, resting his head on her shoulder. The night was indeed rough on them, the exchange of bullets and death on the pier earlier wasn’t exactly pleasant, but the fact that he was able to get rid of Agustus made him feel better

Okay,he whispered before standing straight and giving her a peck on the lips. Afterward, he went to shower and cleaned himself while Sera waited on the bed. Tears of relief rolled down her face again. She gently rubbed her belly, a smile creeping onto her face as she did so

Your daddy’s safe,” she muttered before wiping her tears and composing herself. She didn’t want Primo to keep seeing her cry because she was certain he’d feel guilty about it. Instead, she took a change of clothes for him since he didn’t take away all his belongings when they broke up

The Billionaire’s Hidden Obsession 

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When he finished showering, he immediately put on the clothes Sera had prepared for him and joined her in bed. He missed being in the space as her warmth welcomed him back

Thank you again for keeping your promise,she said, snuggling closer to him and kissing his cheek lightly. He blushed before kissing her head. He was able to deal with things faster than he’d originally thought because he couldn’t bear to be apart from her for too long. It was agonizing and torturous, and he almost went crazy, but he was glad that he managed to stay sane

You don’t have to thank me; I just did what I needed to do and it’s all over now.He smiled before hugging her tightly. We can now go back to the way it used to be. Your life was no longer under threat.” Does that mean Agustus was already dead?Sera asked, a little hesitant since this kind of topic was still somewhat new to her, but she wanted to know everything about Primo and the things she didn’t know. Yes, he was,” Primo nodded, before telling her what exactly happened earlier. He told her that even before he could sign the papers, Adam broke Amalia free by shooting the handcuffs that were holding her hands captive. All of Agustusmen panicked and pulled out their guns, but even before they could react, Adam and the rest of his men and allies shot each of them down. Agustus wasn’t able to do anything. especially since Adam’s gun was already pointed at him even before he could make a single move. The look on Agustusface seeing his trusted righthand man betrayed him was a sight to behold. It sent a shiver down Primo’s spine as satisfaction swirled within him at Agustussuffering. To make things more entertaining, he kept punching Agustus who was stunned by how things played out until he finally ended his life by putting a bullet in his head

That’s how I killed him,he said, finishing his story, Can you still accept me even after knowing I was capable of doing such a thing without batting an eye or even a flinch?” 

Of course,” Sera answered without hesitation, though knowing everything made her a little scared, it wasn’t enough to stop her from accepting him and loving him. But you weren’t in the mafia anymore, so you don’t have to do those kinds of things anymore.” 

I guess you’re right,” he replied, smiling. They stared at each other for a moment and before they knew it, their faces were mere inches away from one another, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss. Both their hearts started pounding as if this was the first time they were kissing. Primo slowly trailed kisses on her jawline but stopped when suddenly, Sera climbed on top, sitting on his lap

You said this night was rough on us,he teased, pinching her cheek gently

I suddenly want to hold you more, I want you to fill me and cover me in your warmth,” she said, I want to confirm that this isn’t a dream and we’re really together again.” 

Primo slightly leaned on the headboard to make their eyes a bit level. He cupped her cheeks, noticing that the anxiety didn’t completely leave her face

This isn’t a dream, love,he reassured, his voice sweet and gentle, I’m here with you and will always be,He leaned in and kissed her on the lips once again, savoring the taste of her lips against his. Sera melted into him, deepening the kiss and bringing him closer to her, allowing him to slide his tongue past her lips. She moaned softly when he pressed his tongue deeper inside her mouth. Her arms found their way around his neck as he continued to kiss her passionately. 

After what felt like hours, they eventually parted, both panting heavily. They were so close to each other that their noses were touching

Wait,Primo said, remembering something. When did you learn that you were pregnant?” 

Oh,” Sera forced a smile, knowing/he might be upset after hearing the answer. She looked at him, his eyes twinkling with anticipation, making her slightly feel bad. Uhm well, when I was hospitalized.What?His expression changed to one of shock

I’m sorry, I decided to keep a secret until you finished settling all your problems because I’m afraid you’d abandon all your plans just to stay beside me again,” she explained and even before he could react, she pulled him in for a kiss

Primo smiled, knowing that was her way to end the conversation. He just let her have her way hand on her waist, pulling her closer as they continued their passionate kiss

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You know I’ve been holding back for quite some time,” he said, Will it not harm our baby if we make love right now?” 

The Billionaire’s Hidden Obsession 

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Sera chuckled

No, as long you won’t be too rough,” she answered while Primo was gently rolling them so that she would lie down on the mattress while he was on top, kissing her neck

I promise,he assured, taking off his shirt and looking at her lovingly. A warm feeling blossomed in them as they made love gently and passionately, enjoying the warmth of being together again after the chaos that threatened their relationship

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The Billionaire’s Hidden Obsession by Hikikomori

The Billionaire’s Hidden Obsession by Hikikomori

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The day Sera discovered she was pregnant, her husband handed her divorce papers, saying their marriage wasn't worth keeping. To make matters worse, he confessed to having slept with his ex and getting her pregnant.As a result, Sera signed the papers without hesitation. However, after an argument with her husband and his mistress, she bled all over their floor. She begged him to help her, but he kicked her out, aware of the fact that she was also pregnant with his child.

The Billionaire's Hidden Obsession by Hikikomori

Desperate to save herself and her unborn child, she pushed herself out of the house and blocked a car driving straight at her."Please take me to the hospital; I'll repay you with anything you want if you help me!"Two months after the incident, she returned to work, only to discover that the person who had helped her was none other than Primo Valdemar, the new Director of the company she worked for.He was an attractive gentleman in his 30s who was captivated by Sera's beauty. He is determined to have her and help her in exacting revenge. However, behind his doting demeanor, lurks a ruthless mafia don capable of anything, including obsession and manipulation."I want you as repayment for saving your life,"


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