The Cursed Alpha And His Forced Luna by Lian T. Chapter 84

The Cursed Alpha And His Forced Luna by Lian T. Chapter 84

Chapter 84 

Sebastian – 

Are you worthy?Anika asked, taking Sebastian aback. Are you worthy to be mated to our queen’s granddaughter the same kind your greatgreatgrandfather have killed?” 

Are you worthy enough for the curse to be lifted!Anika added, and Sebastian did not miss how her hands clenched



Behind Anika, Sebastian saw how Zev flashed his fangs. His beta was angered. Standing on the left side of the room, Glinda winced

Next to him, Sebastian felt Kate’s fury building up inside of her. When he glanced at his wife, Kate’s face was red, and her lips trembled. To keep his wife calm, Sebastian grabbed Kate’s hand. He said, Let me explain to her.” 

Kate fluttered her eyes as she gazed at Sebastian. He returned his attention to the elderly wintergrey wolf before him. He said, Miss Woods. Have I not suffered enough for the sins of my greatgreatgrandfather? Should it be that I continue to bear the consequences of his actions?” 

I understand that you lost two lives because of Bernard Armstrong, but his son, the son of his son, up to my father, have endured the results of his mistake.Sebastian pointed. Yet, they had nothing to do with Emilia’s 


You are lucky, Anika, that you have lived for over a century, but what about my grandfather? My father? They were innocent, yet they died due to the curse,Sebastian pointed out

You asked if I am worthy to be mated to Kate?Sebastian gasped. He admitted, To this day, I sometimes wonder if I am in a sense that I feel lucky to have such a strong and beautiful wife like Kate.” 

We have been through enough. Let the Moon Goddessdecision to make us true mates be the proof that Sebastian and his ancestors have already paid the price,Kate added

How come?Anika retorted. As sh 

spoke, her eyes were glowing in anger. How can that be!” 

May I interfere,Glinda said out of nowhere

Glinda directed her attention to Anika Woods and proposed, Perhaps If I show you, it will be faster.” 



Sebastian was confused by Glinda’s plan, but he already trusted them. Glinda walked towards Anika and offered her hand. Then, she said, Alpha Sebastian and Luna Kate, will you kindly stand behind me and touch my shoulder.” 

They did as Glinda instructed. Anika was secondguessing her actions, but she still took Glinda’s hand

Let me show you everything, and after this, you can judge whether the Armstrongs have been punished enough,Glinda proposed

Glinda cast a spell, and in the next few seconds, Sebastian saw how Anika froze in her stance, her eyes looking distant as if she were in a trance

~ Anika

The witch made her see. Through the memories of Sebastian, she witnessed his struggle as a child, having no father or mother to care for him. She saw how others judged him for being cursed, a plight no innocent child should go through

Anika found herself in several meetings that Sebastian had with elders, recounting how his father and 

grandfather lost their lives. She saw how this created fear in Sebastian, an apprehension of finding a mate, to the point that he covered his face

The next set of images that came into Anika were those of Sebastian and Kate. She saw their struggles in flourishing their relationship due to the curse. Anika also had a glimpse of how others tried to separate them since they could not determine they were true mates

Perhaps the most heartbreaking scene she saw was how Sebastian and Kate were willing to sacrifice their lives for each other, even without knowing if they were meant to be

The part when Sebastian cried for Kate was so vivid that it brought tears to Anika’s eyes. She felt their happiness when they found they were mates, and she even smiled at the scene in her head

Little by little, the images faded away. It allowed Anika to return her state of mind to the present. After the witch had shown her Kate and Sebastian’s memories, Anika looked down on her feet. Her emotions were subdued, and she was taking deep breaths

Everyone seemed to be waiting for her reaction, so after she had pulled herself together, Anika looked up


Chapter 84 

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had noticed that the witch had already stepped aside. She was staring straight into the eyes of Kate and Sebastian Armstrong


I-I can’t say that with the lives that had been lost, we are even. Your greatgreatgrandfather should never have disrespected the bond between true mates,” Anika said

But seeing what you have been through, I understand how how it wasn’t your suffering to bear,Anika stuttered in her reply. She bowed and said, My business is done here. All I ask is that no one in your family make the same mistake as Bernard Armstrong.” 

We will teach our son right,Kate assured. We will raise him to have morals and the right values.” 

Thank you, Anika,Sebastian said. I hope one day, you can find it in your heart to bear no more hate for my 


Anika did not respond, but she gave Sebastian a nod before saying, I shall go now.” 

She turned on her heel and walked through the door with the royal beta guiding her

Sebastian – 

Sebastian and Kate did not need the Woods family’s forgiveness or understanding. However, in the days that followed Anika’s visit, they felt relieved knowing a family of wintergrey wolves, the same lineage that had cursed Sebastian and his forefathers, no longer harbored hate for them

Queen Avery of Azenna significantly reported this. Avery had mentioned that Anika had spoken to her, saying, I have let it go.” 

With that out of the way, Sebastian and Kate focused more on raising Kairo and running the nation of Vottara. Sebastian’s first and most significant project was to create a medical facility that could very well compete with Taplean

Together with that project implementation, Sebastian trained his warriors and other trusted alphas to be immune to various poisons, the same way Alec taught him

On the other hand, Kate concentrated on looking into the pack’s livelihood, especially those struggling to make 

ends meet

Chapter 84 

043% 17:35 

One year passed

Happy birthday, Kairo. Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday, Kairo!” 

A year came and went. Sebastian and Kate had been busy with their responsibilities to the nation, but despite that, they were handson with raising Kairo

Kairo celebrated his first birthday in Brawnlyn Hold Castle’s royal hall. The gathering was attended by his grandparents from Taplean, warriors from the Wind Walker Pack, and alphas and lunas who had become loyal followers of Sebastian and Kate

Happy Birthday, Kairo!Everyone said in unison. Then, while holding Kairo together, Kate and Sebastian blew out the candle on his birthday cake

Kate kissed Kairo’s cheek and said, I love you, Kairo. My wish for you is to grow healthy and strong.” 

Sebastian took his turn and pecked his son’s cheek, saying, Thank you for bringing us joy, my son. Happy Birthday.” 

Happy Birthday, Kairo. This is Grandma Cassandra and Grandpa Luther’s gift for you!” Cassandra said while holding up a huge box

And this is from us,Alexia presented a gift in one hand and a paper bag in another. And this one is from great- 

grandmother Avery!” 

At one year old, Kairo already had a strong stance and mind. He could stand without support and blabber a few 

words more than any average child could

Wow! Wow!Kairo exclaimed while jumping on Sebastian’s lap

More and more gifts were presented to Kairo, and the young alpha heir wanted to open each one! He didn’t speak it, but it showed in Kairo’s smile and how his eyes gleamed at each colorful gift given to him

At the end of the party, Sebastian meant to celebrate more with his wife and, maybe, get a little naughty. He gave Kate a glass of werewolf liquor and suggested, Want to have fun tonight, Honey?” 

Kate was eyeing Kairo in Alexia’s arms from their seat. She chuckled and turned to Sebastian, saying, Seby

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Chapter 84 

Honey. We can have fun tonight, but I can’t drink liquor.” 

Why not?Sebastian asked with a frown

Kate pouted and lazily glanced in no particular direction. Then, she revealed, BecauseI am pregnant.” 

Sebastian froze while his heart drummed against his ribcage


A smile became painted on his handsome face before he ran his fingers through his long, dark hair. He said, I’m -youwe-” 

We are having another baby!Kate made it loud and clear for him that everyone snapped their heads in their direction. Honey, we are finally going to meet our daughter in less than six months.” 

While their subjects, friends, and relatives cheered for them, Sebastian screamed at the top of his lungs, My wife is pregnant!” 

The Cursed Alpha And His Forced Luna by Lian T.

The Cursed Alpha And His Forced Luna by Lian T.

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Status: Completed Released: April 26, 2024 Native Language: English

The Cursed Alpha And His Forced Luna by Lian T.

The Cursed Alpha and His Forced Luna Novel transports readers into a world where love, betrayal, and destiny collide. Authored by Lian T., this novel unfolds the story of Kate, the proud Luna of the South Moon Pack, whose life takes a tumultuous turn when her husband betrays her by finding his fated mate. As Kate grapples with the heartache of abandonment, her past comes back to haunt her in the form of the cursed alpha ofVottara, who claims her as his prize. Forced into an unexpected alliance, Kate must navigate the complexities of her new reality while unraveling the mysteries surrounding the cursed alpha. Will she succumb to the allure of forbidden desires, or will she find the strength to forge her own path?

The Cursed Alpha And His Forced Luna by Lian T.

Synopsis The Cursed Alpha and His Forced Luna Novel

Kate was a proud Luna of the South Moon Pack. She thought her life was perfect until her husband found his fated mate. Once the cherished and desired wife, she gradually became a forgotten figure in his heart. Things got even worse when her past came haunting her. The cursed alpha of Vottara attacked their pack and took her as a prize! In the end, Kate had no choice but to face the past she had once fled. She decided to cooperate with the cursed alpha. Be my contract luna. I will punish your good-for-nothing husband and his mistress. After I get what I want, I will set you free, The cursed alpha offered. I will agree under one condition. I will sleep in a separate bedroom. You cannot touch me. I am only your wife on paper, Kate firmly bargained. Let’s put that in writing. Later on, Kate found herself getting enthralled by the mysteries behind the cursed alpha. He wore a mask, but why? He was cursed, but how? The more she pried into his life, the more she wanted to break the rules of their contract. One day, she did exactly what her heart desired, but was her choice right this time? Or will she be a forgotten luna in the cursed alpha’s heart?

Novel Description

Title: The Cursed Alpha & His Forced Luna Author: Lian T. Publisher: NovelOasis Genre: Werewolf


As we conclude our exploration of The Cursed Alpha and His Forced Luna Novel we invite you to embark on a journey filled with intrigue, romance, and supernatural suspense. Whether you’re a seasoned werewolf aficionado or a newcomer to the genre, this novel promises to enthrall and captivate. Happy reading!


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