The Cursed Alpha And His Forced Luna by Lian T. Chapter 85

The Cursed Alpha And His Forced Luna by Lian T. Chapter 85

Chapter 85 

Sebastian – 


Five years passed

Ninetynine, one hundred!Sebastian counted while enforcing his men to do pushups from the grounds of Brawnlyn Hold Castle. On your feet! On your feet!” 

Zev, wrap them in silver chains!Sebastian commanded

His beta quickly followed the alpha king’s orders, and all elite warriors of Sebastian tried their best to sustain their strength with silver chains around them

As royal guards of Vottara, you cannot be weak! You must be one of the strongest!Sebastian advised. Those who will surpass this onemonth training with Zev and me will crosstrain in Taplean, an opportunity to learn 

from other nations!” 

A -alpha, Sebastian, do we have to?One warrior said while struggling to keep his stance. We haven’t had any A -alpha, Sebastian, do we have to?O attack for more than five years; if we do end up in a fight, they are just petty thieves or newly turned rogues.” 

A loud growl left Sebastian’s lips. He said, We should always prepare for rainy days! We cannot slack off, gain unnecessary weight, and become weak! We’ll never know. Our enemies are lurking around, waiting for the right time to attack.” 

We don’t have any enemies, Alpha,Gus, who was standing on guard behind him, pointed out

Immediately, Sebastian flashed his fangs at Gus, and the latter took back his words. Gus declared, But like the alpha king said, better prepared than to be sorry. The werewolf community in the eastern continents is at war. We don’t know if the war will come to find us!” 

Carry on with your training, men!Gus ordered

Daddy! I’m ready for my training!Kairo came running from the castle, ready with his armor. When he stood before the warriors, he started throwing kicks and punches. Hiya! Hiya!” 

At six years old, Kairo was a true alpha heir, strong and talented. He was blessed with the Armstrongsgodly handsome features and had the wits of Kate’s side of the family

Chapter 85 

At the age of six, his gift of telepathy had not fully developed, but randomly, he would spill the beans on their thoughts. Like the other day, Sebastian thought of eating his wife, and Kairo scolded him during dinner, Daddy! You can’t eat Mommy! She is not food!” 

That was the disadvantage of Kairo’s gift, but thankfully, his powers have yet to bloom. At the same time, his understanding of it was still too little

After showing off his moves to the warriors, Kairo turned to his father, saying, Daddy, you are required in the family’s living room. My sister, Anastasia, demands your presence.” 

Sebastian gulped. His eyes studied his warriors, evaluating if they had an idea of what usually happened in the four corners of their family living room every four in the afternoon. Relief washed over him, sensing they had no clue. He raised his chin and claimed, It’s time for your king to teach Anastasia how to become a female alpha heir!” 

He turned to Zev and instructed, Resume the training and take care of my son.” 

See you later, Daddy!Kairo said, waving his hand at Sebastian

As Sebastian walked back to the castle, he was constantly looking over his shoulders. Upon arriving at their family living room door, he ordered the guards, No one is allowed to enter the room.” 

Yes, Alpha,the guards said in unison before bowing in respect to him

Slowly, Sebastian opened the door and shut it tight. He checked and rechecked to make sure the door was locked properly. After that, he sucked in a deep breath, utterly relieved he had made it without anyone finding 


Oh, there you are, Daddy, you are late again,his fourandahalfyearold daughter, Anastasia, said

Sebastian slowly turned to study his daughter. Like him, she had beautiful blue eyes, but she had the same face as her mother. She had soft, wavy brown hair tied into a high ponytail with a big pink bow on her head

What are we having today, Sweet Anastasia?Sebastian asked

Daddy, we are having strawberry cupcakes with sprinkles on top! They are so yummy!Anastasia grabbed Sebastian’s big hand and pulled him to his seat

There was a small pink table in the center of the living room and small chairs for them to occupy. Sebastian had 


ve uroken in the past two months since their regular afternoon tea 


Clad in his warrior armor, Sebastian sat awkwardly in his chair next to Kate. As usual, his wife was giggling at his submission to Anastasia. He was the king of Vottara, the strongest one in the nation, but right at this moment, he was just a regular dad, playing tea with his daughter and wife


Tea time!Anastasia said with a gleeful smile. They did not really have tea, but they were pretending to have one. Instead, Anastasia poured milk into Sebastian’s cup, and then he gave him a piece of the strawberry cupcake. Enjoy, Daddy!” 

The cupcake is yummy, Seby,Kate said before raising her own glass of milk. Cheers.” 

A low growl escaped Sebastian’s lips, and Kate laughed. Still the same, he drank the milk, and his wife leaned in to kiss his cheek. She said, Oh, Seby, You are the best daddy in the world. And we love you for that.” 

We love, Daddy!Anastasia claimed. The way her blue eyes glistened made Sebastian’s heart melt like a puddle of goo

Putting down his teacup, he asked his daughter, Come here and hug Daddy.” 

Repeatedly, Sebastian kissed his daughter’s cheek. He said, Daddy loves you too.” 

When Sebastian pulled away, his daughter caught the dirt on his fingers. He was, after all, training with his men and forgot to wash up before joining them for tea

Daddy, what happened to your nails?Anastasia asked

Oh, I just forgot to wash up, Sweetie. Let’s do it right now,Sebastian said before going to the bathroom and cleaning his hands

Washing up wasn’t enough, though; Sebastian will always have those traces of his previous fights, some imperfect nail shape, and stains. So, when Anastasia inspected his fingers again, she said, Daddy, we should paint your nails to make them look prettier.” 

No,Sebastian said outright

Kate cracked up next to him, but she did not help him out

Emergency calls only 

Chapter 85 

Why?Anastasia asked innocently

Men don’t paint their nails, Sweetie,Sebastian explained

Why, Daddy?Anastasia asked. I have blue nail polish. Isn’t blue for boys?” 

No, Sweetie. Only girls color their nails,Sebastian explained

But why? Can’t men have beautiful nails?Anastasia asked

043% 17:36 

His inlaws told him it was never easy to reason with a child, and that scene with Anastasia was a perfect example. It was a neverending Whysthat eventually resulted in Sebastian to give in


Anastasia carelessly painted his nails sky blue. When she was done, she stared at Sebastian’s nails and said, color is boring, Daddy. Let’s add just a few sparkling star stickers.” 


No,Sebastian said

Why?Anastasia asked back

Stars are for girls,Sebastian explained

Why?Anastasia asked. I see you look at the stars at night.” 

Hahahaha!Kate had a good belly laugh, and no, she didn’t help him with the situation at all. His wife triumphed over the fact that his little daughter could compel him

In the end, Sebastian allowed his daughter to put stars on his babyblue nails

The Cursed Alpha And His Forced Luna by Lian T.

The Cursed Alpha And His Forced Luna by Lian T.

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Status: Completed Released: April 26, 2024 Native Language: English

The Cursed Alpha And His Forced Luna by Lian T.

The Cursed Alpha and His Forced Luna Novel transports readers into a world where love, betrayal, and destiny collide. Authored by Lian T., this novel unfolds the story of Kate, the proud Luna of the South Moon Pack, whose life takes a tumultuous turn when her husband betrays her by finding his fated mate. As Kate grapples with the heartache of abandonment, her past comes back to haunt her in the form of the cursed alpha ofVottara, who claims her as his prize. Forced into an unexpected alliance, Kate must navigate the complexities of her new reality while unraveling the mysteries surrounding the cursed alpha. Will she succumb to the allure of forbidden desires, or will she find the strength to forge her own path?

The Cursed Alpha And His Forced Luna by Lian T.

Synopsis The Cursed Alpha and His Forced Luna Novel

Kate was a proud Luna of the South Moon Pack. She thought her life was perfect until her husband found his fated mate. Once the cherished and desired wife, she gradually became a forgotten figure in his heart. Things got even worse when her past came haunting her. The cursed alpha of Vottara attacked their pack and took her as a prize! In the end, Kate had no choice but to face the past she had once fled. She decided to cooperate with the cursed alpha. Be my contract luna. I will punish your good-for-nothing husband and his mistress. After I get what I want, I will set you free, The cursed alpha offered. I will agree under one condition. I will sleep in a separate bedroom. You cannot touch me. I am only your wife on paper, Kate firmly bargained. Let’s put that in writing. Later on, Kate found herself getting enthralled by the mysteries behind the cursed alpha. He wore a mask, but why? He was cursed, but how? The more she pried into his life, the more she wanted to break the rules of their contract. One day, she did exactly what her heart desired, but was her choice right this time? Or will she be a forgotten luna in the cursed alpha’s heart?

Novel Description

Title: The Cursed Alpha & His Forced Luna Author: Lian T. Publisher: NovelOasis Genre: Werewolf


As we conclude our exploration of The Cursed Alpha and His Forced Luna Novel we invite you to embark on a journey filled with intrigue, romance, and supernatural suspense. Whether you’re a seasoned werewolf aficionado or a newcomer to the genre, this novel promises to enthrall and captivate. Happy reading!


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