The Cursed Alpha And His Forced Luna by Lian T. Chapter 86

The Cursed Alpha And His Forced Luna by Lian T. Chapter 86

Chapter 86 

Sebastian – 

Time passed again

Vottara has faced a few conflicts since the end of the rebellion, but it was nothing that Sebastian and Kate could not handle, like a few rogue escapes from prison, a conflict between solid packs, and a few intruders from the eastern continent

Together, Sebastian and Kate were one, ruling the nation, and they had their love for each other to thank for the success of their reign

Over the years, it had become known that Sebastian was madly in love with his queen, and the same could be said with Kate. Everywhere they went, they flaunted their love for each other and the family they cherished the most

On their tenth wedding anniversary, they proved the strength of their bonds once more by renewing their vows to the Moon Goddess

Within the gardens of Brawnlyn Hold Castle, Kate and Sebastian held their wedding under the night sky. The air was infused with the sweet fragrance of blooming flowers, and the melodious chirping of crickets provided

natural serenade for the evening’s event

A meandering path of delicate petals guided guests through the lush vegetation, leading them to a secluded clearing adorned with twinkling fairy lights. The meticulously manicured garden created an intimate, romantic atmosphere with vibrant blooms and gracefully swaying trees

At the garden’s centerpiece stood a beautifully adorned arch, entwined with fragrant blossoms and delicate vines. Soft curtains billowed gently in the evening breeze, framing the altar where the couple would soon exchange their vows

Guests were carefully seated according to their importance to the king and queen. Naturally, Kate’s family sat in the first row. The Stones left the care of Taplean to the royal beta so they could all join in this very important 


Cassandra and her mate were among the principal sponsors. The Queena and King of Azenna traveled to Vottara to celebrate with Kate and Sebastian. The same could be said with the royal leaders of Eswen and Paredon


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Chapter 86 


Sebastian’s most trusted Gammas were present, but aside from witnessing the couple’s renewal of vows, they guarded the gathering too

The former king and queen of Vottara also graced the event with their presence. Henry and Regina brought along their daughter, who was now three years old

Glinda and a few of her coven members also attended. They helped light up the trees surrounding the gardens

The castle could not accommodate the entire nation of Vottara, but the same memorable event was aired live nationwide

Of course, the two most influential people in their lives, Kairo and Anastasia, would play a significant role in their second wedding

It did not take long for the wedding to start. Sebastian walked down the aisle first, wearing a royal blue suit. The 

moonlight’s rays seemed to guide his way because it shone brightly upon the venue

Years may have passed, but his incredibly handsome and athletic face barely aged. His cut was even more impressive than before, and the same could be said with his overpowering aura

Walking behind him was his son, holding a new pair of wedding bands

After Kairo, Anastasia walked down the red carpet and showered rose petals on the ground. She smiled from ear to ear as if understanding how important that day was to her father and mother

Sebastian had reached the arch where he and Kate would exchange vows, and romantic music played in the background from then on. He stood in his spot and turned to wait for his wife

Lights lit up from the castle’s secondlevel terrace. Kate eventually emerged from the same balcony and walked down the garden access. She was wearing a beautiful light blue gown, her hair up with a crown over her head. Her eyes gleamed as she marched

To Sebastian, that night was so magical. All he could focus on was his wife’s elegant steps as she walked closer 

and closer to him

His heart became filled with overwhelming happiness

Daddy. Daddy, Mommy is here,” Anastasia said. She had taken Sebastian’s left side, waiting for Kate

Emergency calls only 

Chapter 86 

Sebastian pinched his daughter’s cheek and said, I know, Sweetie. Isn’t Mommy beautiful?” 

She is, Daddy,Anastasia acknowledged

Go on, Dad,Kairo suggested

Thank you, son,Sebastian replied before walking in front of Kate and taking her hand

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The ceremony continued to be blessed with gleaming stars above and the moon’s warm glow. From the guests below, tears were shed, touched by the couple’s love for each other. They all listened to their heartfelt vows

Sebastian, here we are, ten years later, still madly in love,Kate said while facing Sebastian. I never expected to find my happy ending with you, but I suppose it’s true what they say: Love finds you in the most unexpected 


Honey, I vow to care for you and attend to our children. I promise that my love for you will grow with each day, and I promise to be your friend and partner in every endeavor we face. I will be there for you, day or night, in richer or poorer, in sickness and health. I trust, appreciate, cherish, and respect you. I promise to share my hopes and dreams with you and treat your goals as my aspirations too,she added

When it was Sebastian’s turn, he said, Kate, Honey, You have taught me that two people joined together with respect, trust, and open communication can be far stronger and happier than each could ever be alone. You are the strength I didn’t know I needed and the joy that I didn’t know I lacked.” 

I vow to always protect you and our children from harm. Through all of the uncertainties and trials of life, I promise to love you and be faithful so that together, we will grow stronger as a family. I love you with all my heart. You’re my love, light, and soulmate.” 

Following their promise of eternal love, they wore another set of wedding bands. Before the Moon Goddess above and the people around them, they sealed their second marriage with a longlasting kiss

Sebastian and Kate smiled as they pulled away. They said, almost at the same time, I love you.” 

And they lived happily ever after. THE END

The Cursed Alpha And His Forced Luna by Lian T.

The Cursed Alpha And His Forced Luna by Lian T.

Score 9.3
Status: Completed Released: April 26, 2024 Native Language: English

The Cursed Alpha And His Forced Luna by Lian T.

The Cursed Alpha and His Forced Luna Novel transports readers into a world where love, betrayal, and destiny collide. Authored by Lian T., this novel unfolds the story of Kate, the proud Luna of the South Moon Pack, whose life takes a tumultuous turn when her husband betrays her by finding his fated mate. As Kate grapples with the heartache of abandonment, her past comes back to haunt her in the form of the cursed alpha ofVottara, who claims her as his prize. Forced into an unexpected alliance, Kate must navigate the complexities of her new reality while unraveling the mysteries surrounding the cursed alpha. Will she succumb to the allure of forbidden desires, or will she find the strength to forge her own path?

The Cursed Alpha And His Forced Luna by Lian T.

Synopsis The Cursed Alpha and His Forced Luna Novel

Kate was a proud Luna of the South Moon Pack. She thought her life was perfect until her husband found his fated mate. Once the cherished and desired wife, she gradually became a forgotten figure in his heart. Things got even worse when her past came haunting her. The cursed alpha of Vottara attacked their pack and took her as a prize! In the end, Kate had no choice but to face the past she had once fled. She decided to cooperate with the cursed alpha. Be my contract luna. I will punish your good-for-nothing husband and his mistress. After I get what I want, I will set you free, The cursed alpha offered. I will agree under one condition. I will sleep in a separate bedroom. You cannot touch me. I am only your wife on paper, Kate firmly bargained. Let’s put that in writing. Later on, Kate found herself getting enthralled by the mysteries behind the cursed alpha. He wore a mask, but why? He was cursed, but how? The more she pried into his life, the more she wanted to break the rules of their contract. One day, she did exactly what her heart desired, but was her choice right this time? Or will she be a forgotten luna in the cursed alpha’s heart?

Novel Description

Title: The Cursed Alpha & His Forced Luna Author: Lian T. Publisher: NovelOasis Genre: Werewolf


As we conclude our exploration of The Cursed Alpha and His Forced Luna Novel we invite you to embark on a journey filled with intrigue, romance, and supernatural suspense. Whether you’re a seasoned werewolf aficionado or a newcomer to the genre, this novel promises to enthrall and captivate. Happy reading!


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