The Legendary Mage Chapter 30

The Legendary Mage Chapter 30

Chapter 30 

Panting heavily, Ögmundr exclaimed, You’re still alive, thank the stars above. I was about to seek help.” 

Is that so?Alavin sneered, dashing past Ogmundr with the three spiders still in pursuit

After scaling two mountains, they finally shook off the spiders. Exhausted, they leaned against the great trees, gasping for breath, surviving by the skin of their teeth. It took a while before they could muster the strength to stand

Nysah came to, weak and giving Alavin a complex look. Ogmundr, also catching his breath, lifted his eyes to Alavin

They hadn’t expected Alavin to save them, butwhy? It was most irregular

Alavin met their probing looks. Don’t recognize me?” 

“Why?Nysah asked

Why what?” 

Why did you save us?” 

Shouldn’t you be thanking me?” 

What is your true purpose? Nysah couldn’t believe Alavin’s intentions were purely altruistic 

What do you want?Ogmundr was suspicious of Alavin’s motives, as they 

by were quite abnormal

Alavin gazed at them steadily for a while, shook his head, and tore a strip of cloth to wipe the blood from his Dawnedge Blade: No ulterior motives, I just wanted to save you It’s that simple” 

“I don’t believe it! Speak your desire, Nysah suddenly thought, could Alavin be planning to use this as leverage for something? Rather than watching her perish in the valley, wouldn’t it be better for him to save her? And then would she be threatened in the future, or be extorted? The more she thought about it, the more likely it seemed, and she also recalled her humiliating ordeal in the valley. If Alavin were to exaggerate the tale back at Cobalt Strike, wouldn’t she become the laughingstock


The events of today, you must keep secret. Once we retum to Cobalt Strike, I will give you three Advanced Elixir Herbs

from then on, you’ll keep your mouth shut.Ogmundr didn’t want his mishaps to be broadcast back to Cobalt Strike, either. He knew his performance had been terrible. If Alavin spiced up the story, his chance of becoming an Elite Protege at the Botanic Haven would 


Nysah and Ogmundr’s thoughts were surprisingly aligned. Having narrowly escaped the jaws of death, they were more concerned about their reputations and convinced that Alavin’s rescue was illintentioned 

Alavin, brandishing the Dawnedge Blade, said, I do think you should at least say thank you” 

There’s no need between us, you save people only to threaten them,” Nysah, propped up by an old tree, stood up 

You are wrong 

Wrong? Spare me your act. Speak what you want now, and we’ll call it even” 

I saved you out of compassion, Alavin suddenly pressed the Dawnedge Blade against Nysah’s throat, his eyes cold. Killing you is to prevent future troubles.” 

With a swish, the Dawnedge Blade suddenly grazed Nysah’s throat, blood spattered in a tragically beautiful arc. Nysah clutched her throat, her pupils dilated, and she looked at Alavin in disbelief

*At least you die with dignity,Alavin said coldly, then turned to Ogmundr

In shock, Ogmundr stared at Nysah, a chill running through him, struggling to rise. What.. what are you going to do.” 

Do what you most desire, Alavin approached Ögmundr

Nysah collapsed heavily to the ground, her eyes empty, mouth opening, but ultimately silent. A beauty, just like that, perished in the forest 

1 can give you what you want. I swear 

Alavin, you need not do this, I have no quarrel with you. It was Nysah who wanted to kill you

She deserved death her heart was venomous, and I was just incited

Don’t come closer. I am a Protégé of Botanic Haven. You can’t kill me.” 

Ögmundr was truly panicked, backing away, holding the old tree for support, and pointing his GoldVeined Bronzesword shakily at Alavin. He hadn’t expected Alavin’s rescue was actually to facilitate murder! So decisively and swiftly, he had killed Nysah 

Hah, a Protégé of Botanic Haven, you?Alavin brandished his sword towards Ogmundr’s throat

I have Super Elixir Herbs. I can exchange them for my life.” 


Chapter 30 

Alavin was unmoved, his sword raised and fell

Ogmundr screamed, You can’t! No… 

With a swishi 

Blood spattered, and the scream stopped abruptly

The Legendary Mage (Alavin and Elder Jaslin)

The Legendary Mage (Alavin and Elder Jaslin)

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Summary In a twist of fate, young lord Alavin was thrust into the unforgiving world of the Order of Mages, not as royalty, but as a low-ranking servant. Spurred by a deep-seated drive to preserve his family's honor, he bore the brunt of eight painfully long years of servitude. Amidst the Protégés, he was met with scorn, suspicion, and underhanded sabotage, even threats to his very life. His only companion was an elderly servitor bearing an extraordinary secret. Without any warning, the old man departed one day, leaving behind two uniquely powerful weapons - the Shadowbringer and the Dawnedge Blade. Suddenly armed with these amazing weapons, Alavin was ready to rise from a lowly servant to a powerful mage. He's called to a path of greatness, filled with epic adventures, unraveling secrets, and mystical mysteries. A thrilling journey awaited Alavin, one with the power to forever change his destiny.

The Legendary Mage (Alavin and Elder Jaslin)

In a universe on the brink of collapse, he could be the legendary mage needed. Would he rise to the occasion and save a world crumbling for an eternity, teetering o...


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